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  1. Apparently writing "stfu" to these honking idiots is enough to justify a 2 hour ban... I'm amazed.

  2. Oh this will be terrible. If someone got some serious bad luck and gets banned everytime for a ridiculous reason, this system won't suffice. Why not introduce a penalty point system? Griefing and Trolling will have the highest penalties, meanwhile insulting or other minor offences will have next none. Also how should I interprete this, is 6 bans the absolute maximum or are all the bans you've recieved now obsolete?
  3. This is obviously a mistake made by SCS. No such road exists, at least not known to me. Anyways, this form of junction is the most dangerous one. They should've taken those halfleafs as junctions which are very common in Germany.
  4. I thought this should be a common test, not a "Driving in UK" test. ETS2's map is mainly right-sided, so how should I know? And this test is anyways, far from being anywhere near "professional"
  5. Why would I look who is overtaking me on my right, when I'm turning right? Overtaking on the right side is actually forbidden. Also question number 8 has only wrong answers. If the traffic lights are turned off, pay attention to the priority and yield signs, if there are none, then treat it as a right before left. But if you have the priority sign on your side, you are allowed to speed through it, it is the fault of that one, who ignores the yield sign. Already happened to me once, that someone stole my priority. And I know, it is just for fun, still I want to point these things out, because they can be really annoying.
  6. Is anyone else also experiencing lag spikes? Ping from 30-1200ms

    1. TFM_Omega
    2. [VIVA] Savage Frog

      [VIVA] Savage Frog

      not been on ets2 today yet ;)

    3. Beefy32659_YT


      Yes It seems to be lagging up and my ping is 20 - 100 so that shouldn't be happening

  7. It is annoying to see people ignoring priority signs, when the traffic lights are turned off

    1. jonathan4567


      People like to think they always have priority around roundabouts aswell. Say you are going round the roundabout and someone just pulls out whilst your turning...

  8. It seems, that most people don't know what the Yellow Light means...

  9. Well, the roadworks also could have 2 stages. In the first stage all of the markers for the construction side get deployed. it may looks weird, if you are there, when they spawn, but you won't be flung into space. Then after some time the hard barriers start to get deployed. That should give everyone enough warning time.
  10. God... This ID System is confusing

  11. Well.. it was possible with the Prism3d engine... Where 18 Wheels of Steel Pedal to the Medal ran on. And there were dynamic construction sides.
  12. I guess, they will try to direct traffic flow with these police cars. One example would be to close the Eurotunnel, since its Collision Box is gone and well, it would help to block off the road on both sides. Then the players would have a physical object in front of them, which they can't drive through, or at least shouldn't.
  13. I thought the Orangephase removal was an unintended bug, since you have it also in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech, Hungary... I'd prefer to have the orange phase

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Flashylights


      I mean country's

    3. TherealScrable


      For me its not normal

    4. Flashylights


      Here is the bug report said that it will be not going fixed

  14. Mostly according to speedlimit, but sometimes I just want to go 90 all the time, other times when I have some heavy load I just drive 70 everywhere. Many get annoyed by it and some russian convoy already tried to ram me from the road. Seriously, they were all russians and tried to block me. And in cities, 50 at day, 60 at night.
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