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  1. Apparently writing "stfu" to these honking idiots is enough to justify a 2 hour ban... I'm amazed.

  2. Oh this will be terrible. If someone got some serious bad luck and gets banned everytime for a ridiculous reason, this system won't suffice. Why not introduce a penalty point system? Griefing and Trolling will have the highest penalties, meanwhile insulting or other minor offences will have next none. Also how should I interprete this, is 6 bans the absolute maximum or are all the bans you've recieved now obsolete?
  3. Is anyone else also experiencing lag spikes? Ping from 30-1200ms

    1. Spirit Omega Wolf
    2. [VIVA] Savage Frog

      [VIVA] Savage Frog

      not been on ets2 today yet ;)

    3. Beefy32659_YT


      Yes It seems to be lagging up and my ping is 20 - 100 so that shouldn't be happening

  4. It is annoying to see people ignoring priority signs, when the traffic lights are turned off

    1. jonathan4567


      People like to think they always have priority around roundabouts aswell. Say you are going round the roundabout and someone just pulls out whilst your turning...

  5. It seems, that most people don't know what the Yellow Light means...

  6. God... This ID System is confusing

  7. I thought the Orangephase removal was an unintended bug, since you have it also in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech, Hungary... I'd prefer to have the orange phase

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Flashylights


      I mean country's

    3. TherealScrable


      For me its not normal

    4. Flashylights


      Here is the bug report said that it will be not going fixed

  8. Same here, I've got banned for one hour, because someone drove into my trailer and pushed me into another player which flung me across europort landing on the other side of the road.
  9. Is the MP finally stable?

  10. TherealScrable


    Same here. And no it isn't Rotterdam only. I'm at Brussels and the game still crashes a lot.
  11. Nope, Multiplayer still unstable, still lots of crashes

    1. Flashylights


      There come new hotfix and wait

    2. PursuitGamer6


      Don't cry. It's ALPHA!

  12. Then just join the Eu3 server, it is freeroam, which means no speedlimit and no collision. Or play in singleplayer.
  13. Wow, after retrying several times, where I only got 23kb/s, I tried out to download these seperately. And look there! MPLauncher downloaded with ease, and the wintermod, 1,4MB/s, using my max capacity.
  14. Actually I don't need to, since it is only a 1h ban. But still, I want to know why and how this could happen. It was already frustrating enough to get pushed by every second truck behind you and not able to do anything, even hitting breaks didn't work. I wonder how those admins do these kicks and bans. Pretty sure just by looking at it 1sec not even minding, that the player actually was pushed out of the queue and bannign him immediately. And I don't think you have the information available to explain this.
  15. So well, I visited Europort once again, everything ran fine, but then someone came from the back and pushed my truck into another truck and that happened several times. After multiple times reloading saves I get banned, and guess for what, while I have did absoloutely nothing wrong: For "intentional disrespectful driving ramming". Yes of course, it was me who pushed myself into others, because some impatient kids were behind me. What kind of weird logic is that? Could someone tell me why mad things like this happen?
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