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  1. That doesn't really prevent someone getting hold of my details though does it Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know where I can either close or delete this account? I had a look in the settings on here and on the TruckerMP website but can't seem to find anything.
  3. Call me crazy but when people are here downloading the patch it usually means they want to play ETS2MP and not watch a movie.
  4. Indeed it is but they could at least bump their bandwidth up a little and not have people spending 3 or 4 hours updating.
  5. Wow after reading these comments I do feel a lot luckier lol. On saying that though, I'm getting really mad latency spikes, 2,000ms at times, I've just been kicked for have a avg ping over 600ms. I'm in the UK and before this patch I was getting no more than 38ms ping to the server. WTF is going on. I know it's not my connection, just played World of Warcraft, DayZ SA, Insurgincey, and BF4 with no issues at all. Not only that my GF was still playing wow while I was on ETS-MP she had a ping of 28ms while I was spiking over 1,500 every couple of minutes.
  6. I'm currently downloading the MP patch so I can finish off my Xmas gifts at a speed of 100Kb/s which is just plain ridiculous. 25 minutes to download 175MB of data, I have 40MB/s download speed and could have downloaded 10 HD movies in this time. In fact I'm uploading 4 times as fast as I downloading. Please fix this.
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