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  1. The first error you showed I'm not sure about, but the last one it looks like some people used F9 in single player to teleport under the ground then come to multiplayer to fall into a never ending cliff, it seems the multiplayer isn't programmed to not show trucks based on how far vertically they are from you, only how far horizontally they are from you, which is something that needs to be fixed. If the user alt tabs for more than 10 minutes, his truck will become a ghost truck with a ping of 0.0 and a distance of 0.0, I've seen some trucks there like that for hours.
  2. Yes, I built a beast computer a few weeks ago with an i7, gtx 980, 1000w power supply, 16gb ram, ect...but sometimes I feel like my game crashes more than others! I've tried turning off everything that would cause a crash, mods, "enable fast loading of model", ect....crashes are less now but it still happens! Also I get an extremely bad lagspike when I come halfway down the tunnel entering Rotterdam, and also if coming from Europoort to Rotterdam, just as I go past the turnoff that goes left to Amsterdam, I will get a really bad lagspike there as well. I've seen other players lag as much as me
  3. Mod Version: Version 0.1.4 R3 Controllers Used: Logitech G27 Description of Issue: Sometimes trailers turn invisible, and unintentional ramming can happen if no one can see your trailer. How to reproduce: Launch multiplayer, load a save of a truck without a trailer on it, then load one that does have a trailer on it. The multiplayer gets confused and thinks you don't have a trailer, so it is invisible for everyone. Screenshots / Videos: 2 videos, one from my perspective on the EU#1 server, where a player figured out it was invisible and pushed me around, and then one where my friend's became
  4. Also saw this too! I showed it to all my friends via twitch, but sadly took no screenshots.
  5. I alt tabbed out of the game for the night and forgot to shutdown my computer so it was still running the game in the background and some of my friends said my truck was there for hours with a 0.0 and 0ms status. Not really a bug; however it takes up slots; and the user doesn't get "AFK Kicked" until they return to the game. Thats why some trucks are like that way for hours.
  6. Tried doing that and sure enough it became invisible, only after I loaded a different truck without a trailer did this happen
  7. Mod Version: Version 0.1.1 Controllers Used: Logitech G27 Description of Issue: Traffic tightly packed in EP, got behind a truck that flew up in the air when I got right behind it, and then got banned for ramming; likely because I couldn't see their trailer which is my guess, not the first time its happened to me. How to reproduce: Absolutely no idea; just randomly happens Screenshots / Videos: None of my own, but found one that shows exactly what I saw, even though it's in a different language:
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