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  1. This is a good activity. I really like it and it's very real
  2. Indeed, this issue has been discussed many times. Personally, I think it is most appropriate to drive at 90km. Other people should follow my suggestions, because it is really unsafe to go up. It is also suggested to keep a safe distance during driving. I wish you a happy driving Kind regards, Tony.Stark
  3. I don't think this proposal is feasible, because the speed of 110 km / h is enough. If you want to add a speed of 150 km / h, I think a lot of traffic accidents will occur. This is a simulation game, not a racing game, so I don't accept this proposal Kind regards, Tony.Stark
  4. Hello. I remember I discussed this issue. Many players use g29, but many players use the keyboard. For example, I use the keyboard because it does have different fun Kind regards, Tony.Stark
  5.                 Friendship team Activities in October @Jiu Jiu_TMP Your ugly photo:mlg_doge:






  6.                      A beautiful day begins in Dusseldorf @Mangiskillsand DepperitoRRR


  7. I like to cross the mountains and valleys in Norway because the scenery there is really good. My friends also like this section of the road Kind regards, Tony.Stark
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