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  1. Este tópico teria sido mais adequado em uma seção AJUDA, no entanto, como está desatualizado e não é mais necessário, o mesmo será fechado e arquivado.
  2. mEoW! This is my fav paint job dlc now.






    1. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      This is one of the best paint  jobs from Chinese paint jobs pack?

    2. Nataliia


      Yes! Loved the little tail on the back. ?

    3. Doxxyz


      i love cats and dragons xD

  3. Actualización [11/05/2020] Se han actualizado la organización de los logotipos y los roles de cada miembro del equipo. @Mystere agregado al equipo.
  4. Update [11/05/2020] @Flindix Adicionado também como Community Moderator; @Tuna_ Moveu do Suporte para Report Moderator e Translator; @Mystere Se juntou a equipa como Support Trainee;
  5. Olá @[TC-LOG.BR] BRIAN - ES, Gostaria de lembrar-lhe que as campanhas/propagandas de companhias são feitas através do nosso website. Por gentileza, visite https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/327 para saber mais, e tenha o passo a passo. Boa sorte. Encerrarei e arquivarei este tópico.
  6. MeOw,
    It's been a while... Well.
    Whenever you're feeling down, if things of the past come to haunt your thoughts, if you do not believe in your own competence... do not worry. You wake up every morning to fight the same demons that left you so tired the night before, and that IS bravery.



    1. Darie_sofer


      Beautiful words ???

  7. Actualización [20/03/2020] @SarahMaddy agregada al equipo.
  8. Update [17/03/2020] @Dreamy' se juntou à equipe como Translator.
  9. Actualización [17/03/2020] Se han actualizado la organización de los logotipos y los roles de cada miembro del equipo.
  10. Update [25/02/2020] Reorganização das posições atuais dos respectivos membros.
  11. MeOOw! Happy Mew Year World. 


  12. mEow! If it looks like you carry the weight of the world on your back, and you are having a hard time. What you have to do is get your feet on the ground. After a thunderstorm, there is always a rainbow.



    1. Samito_BG


      What a nice words Nat! ❤️

  13. Movido à seção adequada.
  14. mEoW!!!  1th December! I can smell my birthday coming. giphy.gif


    If u're gifting me something, I would like to have tons of Whiskas thnxvm ❤️ :kappa: 


    1. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      It's also my birthday?

    2. Austin1203


      My birthday is on 28th?

  15. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @en_field Left Social Media section whilst remaining as a Community Moderator for Forum section.
  16. Actualización [18/11/2019] @sQCF - Beater agregado al equipo como Trainee.
  17. Update [14/11/2019] @sQCF - Beater juntou-se à equipe como Trainee. @DJFrontier promovido à Report Moderator.
  18. Update [07/11/2019] Mariio deja el equipo por falta de tiempo. @Aestrial pasa a ser [COMMUNITY MANAGER]
  19. Update [07/11/2019] @ThiagoBR_ promovido à Game Moderator @Kayr0 promovido à Game Moderator
  20. mEow mOrning!
    A guide for how to properly use the Report System of our Forum has been released.
    As said there, if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to reach our to the Moderation Team or the Managers of the Community Moderation. 


  21. Hello, truckers! Today we will learn how to report content that does not follow the pattern of rules we have, on our Forum. The reporting system on our Forum is your best friend to fight against those who do not follow the rule system we have and respect. Keep in mind that if you want to help us fight against these rule-breakers, this is your one and only weapon! First of all, keep in mind and ask yourself "Is this really breaking rules?" Sometimes what you think that is breaking a rule, is not. The actions you will take are the following: If you face an user who is creating a topic, status, posting or replying to a discussion something that is is not fit there, or breaks the rules we have, you will see the button "Report". ex.1 - Topic/Reply ex.2 - Status By clicking there, you will have a new tab, which is for you to fill with the information you believe is right. Done that steps, all you have to do is Submit your report! There are no big secrets. This is a quick guide for you to use our Forum Report System and get more familiarized with it, soon or later you will face these situations, and this is the way we can get our Forum nice and clean. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate in contacting the Community Moderation Team or the Community Moderation Managers ( @KhaosHammer, @Moh_ and @Nataliia.
  22. Update [25/10/2019] @DJFrontier promovido à Trainee @Kayr0 retornou à equipe como Report Moderator
  23. Olá @BRA - A b a n D i Independente do tópico estar em inglês, o conteúdo está em português, isto não seria justo com todos os demais conteúdos de línguas diferentes que já foram movidos para respectivas secções. Este permanecerá aqui, almejo sua compreensão, e agradeço sua intenção!
  24. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Chris [PL] joins the Forum Moderation team whilst remaining as a Discord Moderator.
  25. Update [06/10/2019] @David Edson promovido à Media Manager. @ThiagoBR_ promovido à Report Moderator. @OBrasileiro retornou como Report Moderator. @Tuna_ agora também é Suporte. Adicionada badge de EVENT à @Mike Dragon.
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