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  1. I've recently discovered Melanie Martinez. I absolutely love her songs, all of them. I think you either love them or hate them, but I love them. First song I heard was Training Wheels ( ). Really good one, in my opinion.
  2. ^ Ik bedoelde het ook meer als eens kijken wat ik allemaal moet kunnen etc.
  3. AmazingAndreaz


    You can install a 64-bit version of Windows, but make sure your CPU supports it. What CPU do you have if I may ask?
  4. I think this won't work really good. There are plenty of situations in which you hit another truck, but it's not your fault (for example because someone rammed you). But you'd still have to pay, because you were the one who hit the truck. And besides that, wouldn't it be really resource-intensive for the server to check who drove into who at every crash?
  5. It's most likely to be an issue with your internet or the internet of the other player(s).
  6. Woah, that indeed is a beast.
  7. ^ Mij lijkt het wel interessant mee te helpen als DJ, en gelukkig kan dat vanaf 13 jaar (ik ben 14 ) maar ik heb nog geen enkele ervaring. Moet ik dit zelf leren of kan ik hier ook eens met iemand meekijken bv. hoe het een beetje werkt?
  8. And now, people have got to read this! Nice tips, well done.
  9. Looks really nice! But what else did we expect from Volvo, eh?[emoji14] All jokes aside, I think this even might be a next truck. It looks modern and fresh and I love it
  10. Very nice, I love it! Verstuurd vanaf mijn XT1032 met Tapatalk
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