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  1. It launches with DirectX and in 64-bit by default.
  2. As said above, you need 2 hours of game play in the game before you can go online, this is in place to try to avoid some people who come online straight after purchase and have no idea what they are doing. It'd be nice is the site made it more obvious this was the case though.
  3. This is that time when I wish I knew another language, but, I only speak English. Good luck applicants!
  4. Try using a different browser and see if the problem persists, that'll determine if the browser is at fault or the PC/network connection. If that works, in Chrome you can go to 'Settings', click 'Show advanced settings' at the bottom, then click: That might help. Good luck, report back.
  5. That's a fair point actually and is also something mentioned in the rules for the MP mod I believe. When overtaking it is surprisingly useful to have the person behind you flash their lights so you know you can pull back into the lane. It's also useful for other situations, such as when people are totally clueless about 'right of ways', for example; You're waiting to pull out of a fuel station, someone on the road stops to let you out, so you flash your lights at them because they have right of way. I see a lot of people complaining in chat about situations like that, even though the other person is being nice to you, they are also in the wrong.
  6. That's something that really bothers me. Now, I don't usually follow the game speed limit, I usually follow the server speed limit when safe to do so; However, I respect people that are following the game-set speed limits and don't just carelessly try to slam past them at any opportunity. As you said, some accidents can't be avoided, but at least make it so that it isn't your fault. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. How to avoid accidents (some of them at least) Tip 1: This is something you'll learn when you drive IRL (At least in the UK). Mirrors, Signals, Maneuver. That means, when you want to do anything, you should follow that. For example; You want to turn right off a road: Firstly, you should check your mirrors for traffic behind you that you might be stopping in front of. (Mirrors) Secondly, turn on your indicator and let it run for a little. (Signal) Finally, maneuver; Start to slow down and make your maneuver, in this case, turning right. (Maneuver) Tip 2: When travelling down a highway/interstate, if you see someone coming down the on-ramp, switch lanes so they can join the outer lane. A lot of people do not check their mirrors when joining a highway/interstate, although they should do that, you should also be giving way to them whenever possible. Tip 3: If you see someone trying to turn a corner in front of you, sit back a bit so their trailer can move more freely. If you get too close to the junction, it makes taking the corner a lot more difficult for the other person and also risks them crashing into you. Tip 4: On single-lane roads if you are travelling with the wall to your left, you should pull over to the right to allow oncoming traffic to pass. Flash your lights at them to signal them to continue on. This is just a suggestion I have found, if the traffic with the wall on their right tries to pull over then they are usually off-roading, which is not a good idea. Tip 5: This tip is specific to the multiplayer mod; When entering any depo, do not barge through the gate if someone is there, a lot of the no-collision zones start/end right on the gate - You will crash and cause damage to them/you, be patient. Tip 6: Know who has right of way at an intersection. If you are attempting to cross a junction, for example, turn left and cross oncoming traffic then you do not have right of way, the traffic coming straight does. If you attempt to race across the road in front of traffic travelling straight, then it can end badly for you and them. Tip 7: Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front. If the vehicle in front suddenly stops, you need space to stop behind them. Consider that if you are hauling a trailer and they are not, they will stop a lot quicker than you. Tip 8: Don't forget to check the position of your trailer. When you are on windy roads, your trailer can easily start cutting across the other lane; This can quickly cause accidents. Always check your position. I'll try to update this guide with other tips I find. The main thing to do is to use common sense. Good luck, and happy trucking! (Sorry for any typos, I will attempt to fix any and also add images at a later time)
  8. I'd suggest trying to re-download it, the disconnect was due to the update that was released earlier today. If it says it can't find it again, check your anti-virus software isn't deleting it. Good luck!
  9. American Truck Simulator is based on the x64 platform, a 32-bit build for the multiplayer would not be possible. As they have now changed the libraries 'TruckersMP' is using, there won't be a 32-bit build for any updates in the future.
  10. American Truck Simulator is only designed for 64-bit, all future ATS updates will be on the 64-bit platform, so you'll want to re-install your OS or buy a new PC.
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