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  1. I was able to upgrade the truck in offline mode and save it to another save just in case then closed game and opened it in Multiplayer mode and started the new saved game with upgrades and it worked fine. It crashes when i go to upgrade my truck only in Multiplayer mode. haven't tried to upgrade other trucks in Multiplayer mode just one of the Scania's
  2. It still crashes, just hit lvl 25 so tried to upgrade motor on 1 of my trucks and it crashes when i click to purchase.
  3. @ AmazingAndreaz just ran Validation steam files for ETS2 "All files successfully validated"
  4. @ StuartD It crashes when im in multiplayer tryin to get in a truck or upgrade a truck and hit apply to buy it. @ AmazingAndreaz going to check that out.
  5. I removed the mods from the option ingame and it still does it.
  6. Mods are in the folder but not on.
  7. My game keeps crashing when im tryin to do this upgrade.
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