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  1. Happy birthday! ?


  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Oke kan ik ook ergens vinden met welke post het veranderd in iets anders?
  4. Ja dat wist ik maar bij sommige mensen zie ik: 'What is a truck?'
  5. If you bought it, a trucker brougt it have some respect for truckers in real life

  6. [NL]Brian


    Goedendag, Ik ben al een tijdje afwezig geweest op de site en zie ik nu allemaal andere statussen zoals ik ben veteran 3 en zoals boven mijn naam staat I know the rules! nu is mijn vraag bij de hoeveel posten word dat veranderd? of is er een kopje waar ik dat kan lezen? Des al niet te min wens ik jullie een gezond en gelukkig 2018 toe! Met Vriendelijke Groet, [NL] Brian
  7. SCS adds Double trailers, heavy loads what for chaos are we having in MP when this comes out?

    1. Enf099


      As far as I'm concerned, all the stuff that SCS releases usually gets added to MP, but it takes some time for the devs to do so.

    2. _Pingu_


      there not adding double trailers just the heavy loads ?

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Am I understanding this wrong or are you asking when it all will be supported on MP? Because if you are... dude... neither things have been released yet or have a release date so why would you ask when MP will support them? If you are not, then ignore.




  8. Am i the only one that doesn't have the christmess gift on World of trucks?

    1. Mirko9


      Gifts isnt in every city

  9. [NL]Brian

    Game freezed

    Goedendag, Ik hem zojuist TruckersMP geïnstalleerd en heb geen vracht ik weet dat je dan moet slapen maar wanneer ik ga slapen freezed de game weten jullie wat ik hier aan kan doen of moet ik gewoon f7 + enter doen, MVG, TGNL
  10. when is etsmp 1.25 with zwarchmuller DLC comming out?

    1. Scar


      When it's ready.

  11. Hello everyone i hope you having a wonderfull day

  12. If you bought it, a trucker brougt it have some respect for truckers in real life

  13. I don't know why but everyone is driving scania can anyone tell me what is wrong with a different truck that has less horsepower?

    1. Cyrusj


      The Scania has the Mighty Griffin DLC. So that's why you see more people driving them now.

    2. [NL]Brian


      yeah i know i have that DLC to 

    3. DerAmpelmann


      I like DAF over Scania, but Mighty Griffin is too nice addition to Scania.

  14. Dous anyone know if it is chill to play ETS2/ATS with a Xbox one controller

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cyrusj


      I think he is asking if he can play with it.


      Yes, but only if:

      1. You have windows 10

      2 you have this Microsoft Xbox adapter for Windows

    3. _Pingu_


      ohhhhh yes you can ^^^^^^^

    4. [NL]Brian


      yeah if it can thank you 

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