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  1. Hey guys! How are you?  Our Add-On Team recruitment has been started recently. The Add-On Team always works very sincerely to implement new things to TruckersMP servers, for example: map editing, 3D modeling, technical game conversational work. If you are crazy enough and if you have the dedication to do such things, I definitely encourage you to apply for the Add-On Team. Definitely, this might be your first step of being a game designer/environment designer staying within an amazing team and learn how things happen in a team.
    Good Luck.

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    2. mdshahid6540


      I wish you all the best.

    3. 19049_Spy


      Looks great, but the only thing is, I opened blender once in my life and then never again because it crashed afterwards it was opened. Sooooo there goes my skills :kappa:

    4. [BTR] iconsunny

      [BTR] iconsunny

      Awesome! Thank you for letting us know. And good luck to everyone who is going to apply!

  2. Welcome Back Bhai

    1. _Russian


      Thank you a lot bhai!

  3. with James,Lasse,Maksch


  4. Some cool captures from 1.40


  5. Thanks whoever voted me. It means a lot to me. Hope I will keep doing something for you guys.
  6. I wish you all have a very very happy new year!  This year has been worse and frustrating  for most of the part though there were a bit good things happened.  Wish next year will be very good for all of us. Have fun with the last night of the year but be safe.  See you next year!

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    2. mdshahid6540


      Thanks to you all.. ❤️


    3. Guest


      I wish you all the best in the new year

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy New Year 🎉❤️

  7. বাহ বাহ !! আমিও আছি তোমাদের সাথে। ভালোবাসি বিটিয়ারকে !
  8. Hello guys,
    Merry Christmas and a very very happy new year.
    I have been working for TMP for last 9 months. I tried to help TruckersMP as much as I could.
    Hope there will be a lot of things in 2021, If I am here.
    So with all hopes, I wish you all have a very very happy 2021 year. 
    God bless you all.

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    2. [GökBörü] Dragonfly
    3. Luca_20112


      thank you very much for these  and you too merry christmas ❤️ :) 

    4. pofii


      Merry Christmas :)

  9. I will miss you bud :( :(

    1. Guest


      Suspended not removed. So maby he will be back like the others were after a few weeks.

  10. Thank you sooo much everyone for wishing me on my birthday.
    Thanks to all of you.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Belated Happy Birthday 🎂🥳

    2. super37s


      Belated Happy Birthday ❤️


    3. mdshahid6540


      Thank you sooooo much @super37s


  11. When every lights is turned of , these cargo lights look amazing !



  12. So you guys have seen the holiday stuffs in the game.
    How much did you like them?
    Trucking with @[BTR] iconsunny



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    2. mdshahid6540


      Hannover is the city @AgABeY [TR] . There are more cities. But I will not tell anymore. Drive across the europe. YOu will get it

    3. Strad


      They look amazing!

    4. super37s


      It looks Awesome ❤️
      I visited Luxembourg it was so beautiful   

  13. Thanks for your feedback OmSal.Thanks to you.We are very happy to know that people are loving our hard-works ! Thanks mdshahid6540 Add-on Team
  14. Hello everyone !
    Long time no see!


  15. I can't decide which one was my favorite. All of them were my favorite. RO was great, I took part on it. I drove some unique vehicles. Then, TFM5 had amazing things,stage,new challanges. I enjoyed a lot. Halloween was great,new things,new works everything was great. And Finally, I will say all of them were equally amazing.
  16. Hello, everyone !
    As you all know our convoy is on 26th of this month. We created slots for the convoy.
    And We got good responses from everyone,we have invited
    So far we have distributed 29 slots among 31 vtcs.
    We really hope that it will be a big event !
    And we are really hoping everyone will enjoy the convoy.
    If you want to participate the convoy with your friends/vtc,
    confirm your participation here,
    Fill up the slot form and choose a slot for your vtc
    Link is here; https://forms.gle/jK1wQ55eGJ9L3ubd8

    hope to see you in the convoy ✌️ ✌️

    1. Sistiblee.
    2. Shut down_TMP

      Shut down_TMP



  17. For a very short time, I want to send love to as a very normal player. you . and for everyone for the very hard work.
  18. Hi Everyone !
    Hope all of you are doing great !!
    I have a very good news to share with you !
    Together with my brothers @Next7 and @[GökBörü] !Berk! We have arranged a trio Brotherhood convoy for the whole community.

     I am inviting you and every members of your vtc, to our convoy that is going to arranged at 26th September at UTC 17:00. We will really be happy to see your presence there. And We have a form, I kindly request to fill this form if you are sure to join.

    **Wolves BTR Gökbörü Brotherhood Convoy
    Host: Wolves
    Date: 26/09/2020
    Server: Wolves BTR Gökbörü Brotherhood Convoy
    Starting location: Amsterdam, Port.
    End Destination:  Stuttgart, Tree.
    DLC required: None
    Route:  https://ibb.co/k1SD19N
              Reporting - 16:30 UTC
              Convoy Departure - 17:00 UTC
               No time Zone; https://notime.zone/MH0JfP5j4JtXH
    **We have a form, I kindly request to fill this form if you are sure to join and share your discord link so that I can contact with you later


    Our Truckers MP forum News: https://bit.ly/2ZxGsZE

    We will share the slots very soon


  19. We had fun at SES LOGITICS convoy,
    Thanks for inviting
    Thanks my dear friend @Suleyman.53 ❤️ ❤️ 

  20. My PC Specs CPU : Ryzen 9 3900X Ram : 16 GB 3200MHz GPU : RTX 2060 Super MB : Aus Tuf Gaming X570 wifi plus HDD : 1TB NVME.2
  21. Hey folks,
    As you guys have seen Add-On Team recruitment is on now.
    It would be nice to see some new members in the team.
    Apply to the Add-On Team.
    You will find the requirements here,click on the link and then Add-On Team https://truckersmp.com/recruitment

    But honestly, if you have passion on working on Game Contents & environment designing and if you have big dreams like me, to work on this sector, "Game Industry" ,this could be your primary stage to learn. Also it is a good chance to learn how to work as a team, under a team leader and how to communicate,co-operate with team mates.
    Good Luck Guys.
    Have Fun. ;)

    1. Geology Rocks

      Geology Rocks

      good luck to anyone who has / is applying

    2. Sistiblee.
  22. I am out of reactions :(
    No more posts for today :P :P

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