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  1. Hi, I just want to share something. Many people apply for the Add-On Team and while applying, they write big answers of the questions. But I just want to tell you that, for the Add-On Team, you do not need to write big and very detailed answer. I advise to write meaningful short answers in your own way. And mostly focus sharing your passions and work examples. Always stay on point while writing answers. Also do not go to write big essay.  Your organized and fantastic work examples will impress me more than your big answers. This is for those who are passionate with TruckersMP and thinking to apply to join the Add-On Team. 


    Love 3D Modelling...

    1. L-DragO*


      Noted 💜

  2. Happy Birthday Fast!

    1. Fast-rider


      Thank you soo much bud :HaulieLove:

  3. Happy Birthday Krisi

  4. "Removing the permanent history ban" This was a very good decision. And I support  it and I have shared my opinion in different threads. So once I want to say there are pros and cons of this decisions. A lot of people are saying that TMP is kinda welcoming trolls. But I do not agree at all. Because these type of people were in TMP and they will be in TMP permanent is never something to stop them doing this.they will always come back with a new id. But there are people who are willing to change themselves so they should get a chance to come back and to change themselves. On other view: different people have different mindset. So even if you think, TMP keep the permanent  bans, there could a new person joining tmp enjoyinv harrassing people. So I guess, talking about trolls etc do not make much sense. Secondly, if you notice most of people face such trolls in CD road. But let me ask you a question if you go to a crowded place where thousands of people around you, can you say 100% of them have good intentions? No you cant. No matter how much you try you can not get rid of these type people who want to ruin someone's experiences.So I say, if you are so much worried about trolls and crazy people, you can drive somewhere else to enjoy the game. I dont find CD road very special. The only special thing is there are lot of people driving at a time. But if you understand that there are lot of people playing together.Then you must understand that trolls will also be there.because there would be good people and bad people everywhere.Better drive somewhere else with your friends. If you can not find friends, join vtcs,meet new people,try to talk to them.Don't be introvert. Why don’t you try that out?  

    The last forum- 


  5. ? Check on my Steam workshop for these cargoes. While HQ Operation is going on, you can just have a fun driving these cargoes for a while in SP .
    https://steamcommunity.com/id/md6540_TMP/myworkshopfiles/?appid=227300 spacer.pngspacer.png

    1. McNico


      Nice Photo!! 

    2. Changas!


      sounds very interesting, I will try it...?  :spooky:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  6. Thank you so much everyone for visiting my forum profile. Hope you all are having a good new year. Just saw the news that @sanamaria passed away. Very sad to hear that because she was a colleague of mine. And It made me sad. I cared about human to human relationship and depth of this relationship. And it is a very news for me, though I haven't talked to her much due to being in different department of Truckers Mp but she was very cordial to everyone. Wherever she is, may she rest in peace.

  7. I want to thank you guys for wishing me. I never thought I would come back to the forum anymore. But thank you so much once again. After I have left TruckersMP, I have been busy with my studies. I also stream on facebook.. I have been very passionate about coaches since my childhood.. In the mean time, my mods are being updated and reworked..
    I am resuming my modeling works also where I left them a while ago..

    Hope I will make these available for the SCS Convoy version...
    Overall, These are all going on my life. Thanks once again for wishing.. And All the best to the new team members of TruckersMP...
    May god bless you all...
    Md Shahid Ahammed ❤️

  8. Few other models those I made for the TMP7 festival. And also some of the models those remained unused for some reasons. But here are some cool things. Prop modeling for TruckersMP 7th Anniversary https://artstation.com/artwork/yk8Wg9   via


  9. "Easter Egg Truck cargo for TruckersMP" https://artstation.com/artwork/ELW94e via


    1. MarkON


      Great to see.


      I love Easter Egg event at TruckersMP!

  10. Hey guys,
    Hope you all are doing good. Today, I took the retirement from the team due to lack of time. Specially to focus on my studies.It was a very hard decision to take,took almost a month. I just had to maintain my real life and family. It is  truly very sad for me to leave the team. I had  wonderful time with my amazing colleagues, my friends, my team mates. I really found a mentor there, big brothers there and a ton of buddies and wonderful team mates. The best thing of TruckersMP is the bonding between team members and I am going to miss that a lot. I love you, TruckersMP ❤️  and Love to all of you..

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    2. Azuly


      take care! thanks for everything ❤️ 

    3. Guest


      We Will Miss You mdshadid, Take A Care Yourself♥️

    4. Silver_xD


      Good luck on studies! TMP won't be the same without you! ❤️

  11. We are going to miss you man!

  12. Some cool pictures with different day light intensity





  13. Hey guys! How are you?  Our Add-On Team recruitment has been started recently. The Add-On Team always works very sincerely to implement new things to TruckersMP servers, for example: map editing, 3D modeling, technical game conversational work. If you are crazy enough and if you have the dedication to do such things, I definitely encourage you to apply for the Add-On Team. Definitely, this might be your first step of being a game designer/environment designer staying within an amazing team and learn how things happen in a team.
    Good Luck.

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    2. mdshahid6540


      I wish you all the best.

    3. 19049_Spy


      Looks great, but the only thing is, I opened blender once in my life and then never again because it crashed afterwards it was opened. Sooooo there goes my skills :kappa:

    4. [BTR] iconsunny

      [BTR] iconsunny

      Awesome! Thank you for letting us know. And good luck to everyone who is going to apply!

  14. Welcome Back Bhai

    1. _Russian


      Thank you a lot bhai!

  15. with James,Lasse,Maksch


  16. I wish you all have a very very happy new year!  This year has been worse and frustrating  for most of the part though there were a bit good things happened.  Wish next year will be very good for all of us. Have fun with the last night of the year but be safe.  See you next year!

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    2. mdshahid6540


      Thanks to you all.. ❤️


    3. Guest


      I wish you all the best in the new year

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  17. Hello guys,
    Merry Christmas and a very very happy new year.
    I have been working for TMP for last 9 months. I tried to help TruckersMP as much as I could.
    Hope there will be a lot of things in 2021, If I am here.
    So with all hopes, I wish you all have a very very happy 2021 year. 
    God bless you all.

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    2. RizeliBey_53


      thank you very much for these  and you too merry christmas ❤️ :) 

    3. pofii


      Merry Christmas :)

  18. I will miss you bud :( :(

    1. Guest


      Suspended not removed. So maby he will be back like the others were after a few weeks.

  19. Thank you sooo much everyone for wishing me on my birthday.
    Thanks to all of you.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Belated Happy Birthday ??

    2. super37s


      Belated Happy Birthday ❤️


    3. mdshahid6540


      Thank you sooooo much @super37s


  20. When every lights is turned of , these cargo lights look amazing !



  21. So you guys have seen the holiday stuffs in the game.
    How much did you like them?
    Trucking with @[BTR] iconsunny



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    2. mdshahid6540


      Hannover is the city @AgABeY [TR] . There are more cities. But I will not tell anymore. Drive across the europe. YOu will get it

    3. Strad


      They look amazing!

    4. super37s


      It looks Awesome ❤️
      I visited Luxembourg it was so beautiful   

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