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  1. Doğum günün kutlu olsun. İnşallah mutlu huzurlu sağlıklı yıllar geçirirsin güzel kardeşim 🥳❤️🧸

  2. Happy birthday. I hope have a good years!  

  3. To be clear - THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY (see picture) Its tested and worked fine for me. Make absolutely sure that you have closed TruckerMP (Launcher) and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Otherwise restart your computer, verify that all files are in the correct directory. For example my directory looks like this: C:\Users\Kaan\Documents\ETS2MP\mod You should have a similar directory (besides the Username, huh).
  4. Dude I got unbanned so you may be unbanned too along with everyone else involved in this mess. I think they're actually giving people another chance. They even put @ banbymistake on my appeal xD

    1. K4XN


      I saw it like two minutes ago and I checked it. Its a clearly unban - thanks god





      i also had a rant about it:thisisfine:

  5. I wish I could help you... but unfortunately I can't get In-Game.
  6. This is all about my windows settings... If you take a look at "Typ" you'll see "SCS-Datei" which means "SCS-file" (like .scs) ^^ (Here is the file opened) Don't mind about this .scs ending :p
  7. Did you follow these steps? (You don't need 3 mods, it depends what you prefer) Make sure, TruckersMP and ETS2 are closed / not running!
  8. I think currently I'm the oldest perm-banned guy here right now Anyone < 1082? Back to topic: You're absolutely right! A little warning is enough. Specially when the "official" links are permanently down...
  9. You can't read any licenses at all, because their aren't anyone. Nothing on grimes wordpress site... Nothing in the scs topic... So what are we're dealing with right now?
  10. Their are slightly dump - yes - for perm. banning us for helping the community But at all this is their plattform, be nice at all, please. I don't want any trouble - I want just to help. Now I have a look how to unappeal my perm ban.
  11. the fourth file is a temponary file (usually you don't get this)
  12. For future take a look here: Take a look first there before you commenting like "Doesn't work" or "Can't download"
  13. Oh I missed one link? I'll fix that immediately. Thanks for reporting this error
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