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    Every month, 18 numbers in our company are big open convoy in honor of the opening of the company 08/18/2021

    We invite you to 10/18/2021 all comers, our friends, favorite guests, we wish you to spend this convoy close-knit, friendly company, with an atmospheric and warm moments and a cheerful communication!)

    The convoy will be held on a separate server with convoy control (CC)
    You can help us get this server by voting "I will be there" in the link below

    The link to the event where you will need to vote - https://truckersmp.com/index.php/events/5372-mileage-riot-october-convoy



  2. Конечно очень прикольно изучить информацию что и как, но как будто по ощущению все делать геморрой. Проще купить готовый TrackIR у автора , но по цене соглашусь что дороже чем самому собрать и потом в тупик зайти, искать проблемы тоже лишний времени затрат. А так , хорошая статья и полезна.
  3. Suggestion Name: Make stroboscope flashing lights for the pilot. Suggestion Description: In our case, the policeman has a new stroboscope, which shows 1 picture and we also want such a stroboscope on the pilot. I don't know how you can just change the color from blue to orange. But I think everyone agrees that they also want new stroboscopes on the pilot than to have an old version of flashing lights and such "boring." And the police have all this new... and therefore it feels that the police has the advantage, new strobscopes, and the pilot does not. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Fans of the pilot (most likely for the purpose of the convoy) will visit and this also needs to be an equal advantage that the stroboscopes are the same for the policeman and the pilot, the rest will definitely not be offended. Another plus is that if you add stroboscopes to the pilot, for such convoys (leading and closing) you also have to take screenshots and share these interesting things. Well, it's nice to look at these little things. Even if it's stupid, they think they'll agree to it.
  4. Cool convoy turned out, scarecrows on the road :D
    Of course, we drove for quite a long time, almost 4 hours.

    @Raymond_ Thank you for being here! I took a picture for you. Sorry, I didn't have time to take another photo after the convoy)




  5. I keep driving :)

    1. WNxArcticwolf


      But do you drive on promods?

    2. Nightmaree.
    3. Agre[SS]or


      @WNxArcticwolf  No, unfortunately, I don't have a DLC Black Sea and because of this I can't ride my favorite Promods :( 

  6. I tried this on the new DLC Paint Job...
    And it turns out very beautifully, and I like it!


    1. Nightmaree.


      Great truck and photo 😍

    2. WNxArcticwolf


      The new paintjob looks cool.

    3. Λ C Ξ    (Kaviya _ JTOSL

      Λ C Ξ (Kaviya _ JTOSL

      ♥️________________ wow ! nice truck _______________♥️

  7. I wish you success as a game moderator! 😋

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