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  1. kuzn8s

    Micro stuttering/Lag (not related to ping)

    I'm happy to hear that your problem is kinda solved. So, let's try to solve the rest. You don't have to reinstall your graphic card. Just always keep that up to date. Check out your other Windows updates. If there's exist few updates, install them. On the other hand, if your hardware is not that good, try to decrease your graphic settings. In the multiplayer mode; press TAB and uncheck the Cabin Accessories option.
  2. kuzn8s

    What graphic card do you use

    Thanks for your suggestion! I'm not sure that my processor is enough for Rtx series. I'd face with a bottleneck problem with that card. Firstly, i've to buy a new processor
  3. kuzn8s

    Micro stuttering/Lag (not related to ping)

    Maybe you're facing with "bottleneck" issue. Try to defragment your HDD. And these are the solutions that i found at Google. If you're using NVidia product: Second solution way:
  4. kuzn8s

    Cars ?

    Totally agree with you except the speed limit. Yes, they stuck at 110 km/h but the acceleration time is lower than trucks. A sudden acceleration thing is a good weapon for trolls.
  5. kuzn8s

    Website v2.9 release

    The VTC section is looks elegant. Nice idea.
  6. kuzn8s

    Yes or No

    Yes, Are you smoking ?
  7. kuzn8s

    Yes or No

    Game Rule : I'll start with a question and a member who post below me he'll answer my question as "Yes" or "No" and he has to ask another question. Example: Me: Do you like Scania trucks ? Member below me: Yes, have you ever baked a cake ? Game is starting. Do you have any skills on Adobe softwares ?
  8. It's simple as title explain. I'm starting. You should not write name of the song. You, my love, my friend, When I dream, it’s you I dream about, My love, my friend, When I sing, I sing to you.
  9. Try gartic.io with your friends
  10. Hello, regarding this post:



    You'll more than likely need to contact SCS rather than TruckersMP as SCS are the ones that make the DLC's for us to purchase and enjoy.


    I believe the best place to do this would be here: https://forum.scssoft.com/



    1. DJ_Sukoi


      I was gonna say MP aint SCS. 

    2. kuzn8s


      Hey! Thanks for the advice. I'll keep that in mind.

  11. kuzn8s

    Post Your Setup

  12. kuzn8s

    Which DLC should I buy?

    Map expansions are the most important. Others are really cheap already.
  13. It's really strange to see this section empty. Well, i'm starting. I'm playing these games below, we can hang out if you'd like: I often play Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Rarely playing Overwatch, Borderlands: The Presequel Dota 2. Greetings!
  14. kuzn8s

    Cannot change trailer skin

    Customizing the trailer costs more than the default as like truck.