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  1. Renault's new truck!!!!!!


  2. happy birthday, a very happy day 

  3. Good morning and a great week for you. 🙏

    1. Polyxena


      Good morning Ricky, I wish you the same 😊 !

  4. Good morning and a great week for you. 

    1. [C-S] karol_domag

      [C-S] karol_domag

      Thank you RICKY. Have a great week too 🙂

  5. One day at a time, but I never stopped fighting for your dreams. one day that dream will come true. 

  6. Happy birthday Mr Victor. You are one of the GMs that I follow most closely and admire. I hope one day I can work with you. Hug and have a good day. 

    1. V.i.c.t.o.r.


      Thank you for your kind words! I really appreciate this! Hope to see you on the team one day! ❤️

  7. Congratulations on your promotion. 

  8. thank you for your time on the team, we hope to see you soon. 

    Good luck with your future projects 🙏

  9. undoubtedly. it's the way I play. But I don't know if you've read our moderator's comment on this thread! Take a look.
  10. thank you for your time on the team.hope to see you soon, good luck in your future projects. 

  11. Thanks in advance for your feedback, it's always good to have someone on the team give their opinion. You are absolutely right, this topic has already been discussed more than once here on the forum, and I also believe that it is one of the most headaches for the TMP team. After reading your opinion and agreeing with you in some respects, we came to the conclusion that there is no speed limit on that same road and therefore the signage that exists is simply. Not to be followed. Is players taking that same road at 110 km/h not considered to be racing? And attention by TMP rules is considered an infraction. But thanks for your feedback and keep up the good work.
  12. Hello know why many reports are made on the road CD! because in the rest of the map there are no players.
  13. Hello truckers. I've been playing on TMP for a while now and every now and then I drive down the CD road, and I see many players turning that road into a race track. here is the question what is the speed allowed on this road? In the rules of the TMP it is described the prohibition of races except certain roads. For the TMP what is considered racing? I would like some staff from the team to explain. To all players.
  14. Happy Birthday 🎉


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