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  1. Hello, happy birthday! =D

  2. One thing doesn't justify the other, though, I think and rethink my future action to a person when he knows he's doing something bad for me and acts naturally as if he's doing nothing wrong. One has to put oneself in the other's shoes before performing such an action and thinking, "Would that make me sad?" or "What do I get out of it?". These are thoughts that at the time of anger make you more thoughtful and calmer to know what action you will take in front of your neighbor's action. In addition, by answering your question in a generic way (in my view): Yes, power corresponds to people. Hope this helps.
  3. That looks really good, have my vote.
  4. Hello, welcome!

  5. Hello, happy birthday! =D

    1. Solitaire


       Merci, thank you

  6. Bug F7 - A resposta para o seu problema (Click on "Bug F7" and you will be redirected to another tab here in the forum where @Rested answered my question regarding this bug [noying, I know]).
  7. Opa, feliz aniversário, man! =D

  8. Just have patience. It has been warned that they are looking to solve this problem, which may take a while, as it is apparently not as easy as it sounds. =/
  9. Hello, how are you today?😄

    1. J.Luiz


      A little upset about some things that happened to me a few hours ago. And you?

    2. Landrover


      I feel good because I am playing a game now!

    3. J.Luiz


      That's good, play to relax (or others)

  10. Vibrant colors, amazing photos.
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