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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Hello, happy birthday! =D

  3. Hello, happy birthday! =D

  4. That looks really good, have my vote.
  5. Hello, welcome!

  6. Hello, happy birthday! =D

    1. Solitaire


       Merci, thank you

  7. Opa, feliz aniversário, man! =D

  8. It looks like this will be exciting, I hope I can arrive on time. ?
  9. Just have patience. It has been warned that they are looking to solve this problem, which may take a while, as it is apparently not as easy as it sounds. =/
  10. Hello, how are you today??

    1. J.Luiz


      A little upset about some things that happened to me a few hours ago. And you?

    2. TeamUSB - ЯøvéЯ l Driver

      TeamUSB - ЯøvéЯ l Driver

      I feel good because I am playing a game now!

    3. J.Luiz


      That's good, play to relax (or others)

  11. Any player who takes this route should be aware of the consequences, such as: damage to their truck/"kids" thinking this is car crash, speeding, overtaking in forbidden places. It's a risk to take
  12. Man, what a great idea. I bet on that, good.
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