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  1. Hello @Danny., Freezing can happen in different conditions. The most known one (most likely yours as well) in this game, is getting the game frozen after doing ALT + TAB (or ALT + ESC) (to minimize the game/window). To prevent this to happen, you MUST not click anything when running the game through the launcher. For example, when you hit the 'Launch ETS2' button on the launcher, do not click on anything with your mouse, or do not press any button on your keyboard until the game opens. Doing the otherwise, somehow getting your game glitched/bugged and eventually the entire game functions gets frozen. This is a known temporary fix for this problem. I have explained this matter in detail. This is also explained in this solution topic, huge thanks to the author: I hope this helps fixing your issue! Have a nice day! Sincerely, DarkScream[TR] TruckersMP Report Moderator
  2. I don't know man, they are trying really hard lmao
  3. 👋 Hello Merhaba Привет Hallo Salut Olá Alo Hej Ciao こんにちは Salve Cześć Szia Ahoj 👀:kappa:

  4. Thank you to everyone who congratulated me, all of your messages are appreciated! ❤️

  5. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR + GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @DarkScream[TR] Report Moderator pozisyonuna terfi edildi.
  6. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @DarkScream[TR] Topluluk Moderasyonu Takımında kalırken Oyun Moderasyonu Takımına bir Trainee olarak transfer edildi.
  7. Happy Birthday mate 🎉 

    1. BoSsik2


      Thank you very much bro ❤️

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