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  1. 0zann

    Road to Simulation

    Already have the necessary servers for this but the players want to simulate the eu2 server this is ridiculous the eu2 server is full of trolls and novices.Can use the servers which are eu1 or less for it
  2. 0zann

    C-D road

    100-120 km speed is ideal for this road.If you go on with 80 90 km on the C-D road will likely crush you.
  3. 0zann

    cant login in ingame menu

    Are you sure the game is in the right version? Check you version.
  4. 0zann


    Ekran görüntüsü varsa atabilir misiniz ?
  5. 0zann

    New truck is coming to ATS

    This truck look like Optimus Prime
  6. 0zann

    Favorite Trailer?

    I like the schwarzmuller
  7. 0zann

    Which country you like to drive ? (DLC or not)

    Scandinavia,Beyond Baltic Sea
  8. 0zann

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  9. 0zann

    Game "Cities"

  10. They're going to create a chaos atmosphere and they're most likely to get their nerves out of other players. I don't think that's a good idea.
  11. 0zann

    Possible solution for most trolling

    You are quite right.I no longer enjoy playing on the EU2 # server and I'm constantly in trouble, unfortunately.these problems can not be solved at the root of the problems, I think this problem be should now.
  12. 0zann

    Ets2 and vr

    I think there will be more accidents than before because the players will not be able to keep the angle of view.
  13. 0zann

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    It looks like it belongs to the Balkan region.
  14. 0zann

    A Server for player with more than 200h playtime

    You can play EU#1
  15. 0zann


    If you prove your computer screen is black, maybe you won't be punished.