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  1. Proprietary. Currently using the Nvidia 387 drivers.
  2. I did this earlier today. (Image)h_1508016854_5566994_0d5093cef6.png

  3. TruckersMP Launcher Launcher

    Would this support injection of the core_ets2mp and core_atsmp dll's, needed for wine on Linux distrobutions? Truckersmp-cli does that, and it's what I use to use the MP on Linux. Basically, to run the MP mod on Linux, I have to use a mod to kickstart the mod to play the mod.
  4. I may put up a step by step guide in the near future. Speaking with m4wl to sort out a glitch that is causing game crashes. I just did some runs on ATS, ran for over 2 hours without a hitch. It's looking good!
  5. It's very stable, but I do keep getting the odd crash, which I'll be reporting to m4wl as I'm certain the crash is been caused by the MP mod itself. When all the issues are ironed out, it'll be very stable, I believe. Edit: I turned off the CB from within the truck cabin, game did not crash. I watched chaos at a service station for 16 mins. Was, quite fun.
  6. The game crashes very frequently, which I doubt that it's my system. One of the crashes:
  7. Initial test. ETS2 MP on Linux Mint 18.2 


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    2. LazyDev


      The recording is giving off the artefacts. The game is very smooth.

    3. LazyDev


      I'm using truckersmp-cli (Github) and wine-staging.


  8. I now have ATS MP working on Linux Mint 18.2.

    1. Pillow_


      I knew you could do it, with the help of UnknownNo ofcourse :D

  9. Finally got ETS2 MP running on Linux. Now for ATS.

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    2. MushroomLTU


      Windows master race!!!

    3. LazyDev


      And get spied on in the process.

      Mac: basically Linux with commercial support.

    4. MushroomLTU


      @LazyDev not if you know how to stay secure

  10. New name for me. Was LazyTrucker.

  11. Tried many things, Truckers MP will not run on Linux Mint 18.1.

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    2. LazyDev


      True, Python is a candidate.

    3. Creatured


      TMP won't be ported to MacOS or any flavour of Linux period if you want to play use a VM, Bootcamp or Wine

      if we were to port it, it would only take longer to get the mod updated.

    4. LazyDev


      TruckersMP Mod doesn't work on Wine.

  12. I'm just too busy to play. ETS2MP doesn't support Linux anyhow.
  13. Who remembers me?

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    2. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Yup... unfortunately :troll: jks


      You were a part of the Soarfly Development Team if I remember? Good to see ya back.

    3. konfig0


      Tow truck iirc?

    4. LazyDev


      Was in (and still technically a member of) Stobart Trucking. I did do a website for Soarfly.


      I did create a tow truck mod.

  14. TruckersData

    Hello Due to the way things have turned out, I'm only left with a decision, and I've decided to resign as lead developer of ETS2Data. It's been an experience since I started on day 1 but for multiple reasons, it's now time for me to move on Hope to the future of ETS2Data!
  15. TruckersData

    Issue shall be explained soon.. within the next couple of days. I've no idea what's gone about. I came back from food and half of the team resigned.. @FirestarteR93 As far as I'm aware, and from what I can gather, the issue is from some disagreement between staff, and has nothing to do with any issues with the site (That I'm aware of)