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  1. Suggestion Name: Clean the in-game-time mess. Suggestion Description: Resolve the time difference between offline and online mode. A example for how to do this, is running the day-night time of the server in a separate (scripted) dialogue. Whilst your offline time, which actually counts for your profile keeps running on the background, to be there when you're offline again. (multiple resolutions are possible) Why should it be added?: I'd wish to play on a clean game, no cheats and such. This giant time difference brings my in-game days up to 600,000. And my money into the millions, I didn't do anything for it. So this time issue isn't really supportive.
  2. Great idea. You'd have my support.
  3. I'd totally agree to this suggestion. I think that's all I got to say for now.
  4. Update: Added video tutorial for HCT and B-Double.
  5. Sorry pal', I don't think you will.
  6. Don't think you can beat me Lukiskywalker.
  7. My bot is going to get a very quick response, you don't even want to be my concurrent.
  8. I've developing a bot to post every time when someone else replies, you won't win from me with just a plan.
  9. Chickens and ducks are both fake. Because chickens are ducks pretending to be chickens, and ducks are chickens pretending to be ducks.
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