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  1. Mineiro Uai

    Winter mod - DLC or TMP

    Thanks, BlackSkill! It's just that I wanted ... open for discussion And congratulation by "Forum Contributor of the year 2018".
  2. Mineiro Uai

    Winter mod - DLC or TMP

    Last year, just marked the winter mod on the TAB. Nothing to download files or create folder ... was very simple and much easier. Is this.
  3. I would like to know what you prefer: Winter mod in TMP (with was) or in DLC (with is)? Defend your opinion about your choice. Well.. beginning... I prefer in TMP because it's inside on game and it's like, for me, more realistic. That is my opinion.
  4. Mineiro Uai

    Locomotive and Dozer

    Solved. Its working.
  5. Mineiro Uai

    Locomotive and Dozer

    I will try and thank you by a fast reply. If doesn't work i will question again. Have a nice day!
  6. Mineiro Uai

    New to ETS2 Multiplayer? No problem! Come check here!

    and in chat, if you want to send a private message type "/pm [connection number]" (without quotes) and write the message. Only the recipient player will read it.
  7. "Patience is a virtue" and is very difficult too! But practice makes perfect! I will remember this...
  8. Mineiro Uai

    Locomotive and Dozer

    When will the locomotive and the slide be arranged? Just pick them up in multiplayer and we'll be kicked ...
  9. Mineiro Uai

    How to use ShadowPlay Instant Replay

    Uau! I didn't know about this... Cool, man!
  10. Very helpfull. thanks a lot!
  11. Mineiro Uai

    How to Disable Automatic Updates on Steam?

    Hummm!!! Does not work...
  12. And even updated, the black screen keeps appearing ... What should be done?
  13. Mineiro Uai

    What should you do if your account is hacked?

    I enjoyed it. Thank you.
  14. Mineiro Uai

    Hot topic #12: Virtual companies

    I am owner of a Brazilian VTC - FeNeMe Veterans of the Road - We are starting (5 months), only 14 truckers with me. Day by day it is challenging to be motivated ... different people, different minds, different attitudes, but it is very pleasurable - laughs, jokes ... and this is an opportunity to meet and make new friends. It's always challenging, but it's very, very cool. Join us, find us in TrucksBook, tag FNM. When you meet us on the road - horn