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  1. finally got my cover photo just right .. :D , 



    "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today."


    why is this a thing.

    1. Pillow


      So people can't spam reactions, to their friends or other people they want to benefit with them. Also as spamming isn't allowed, it'll be warned for.

    2. basixmum


      @Pillow_ ahh, makes sense. ty for telling me.

    3. Pillow


      No problem!

  3. is it normal to be waiting for a response to feedback stuff for 2+ weeks.. ?

    1. Aestrial


      Depends on the backlog of tickets they have. You'll get a response, don't worry about that. It just takes time.

    2. Pillow


      Yes, since many users use feedback. It will probably be looked at soon, it might be very busy at the moment.

    3. basixmum


      @Aestrial @Pillow_  okay.. I was just wondering because my friend had to make a feedback after me but he only waited about 1-2 days.. and its just kind of concerning because my feedback was a big issue. but thank you.

  4. #ThankYouForTheFollow ;):P 


    1. Pillow





  5. now we wait. :P 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. basixmum


      @DJ Jefferz haha, someone got it


    3. Pillow





    4. basixmum
  6. i didnt even do anything and its not even my account wtf is going on tonight :( .. 

  7. I wonder if admins know what an accident is.. or what a "warning is" 


    *insert spongebob imagination meme here*

  8. gotta love the stupidity of others right? :angry:

  9. So I have a question, lol.. 

    If you got banned and appealed but your ban expired before your appeal was looked at could you still use the Feedback system so your appeal could at least be looked at or do you just have to deal with a ban on your account?

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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Send the feedback and wait for the response, which should tell what you gotta do or show them. That's all I can tell you here and now. Other than that I recommend you don't talk about your bans or appeals here on the forums as this isn't quite the place to deal with this subject. Your posts could end up being hidden or deleted by the forum moderators. Just a headsup. ;) 

    3. basixmum


      @Mike Dragon Thank you and will do! ;):) 

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      You're welcome! :)

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