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  1. Holy cow ATS is awfull how in the world to people drive with such a long tractor , think im sticking to my eu cabovers thanks :)

    1. tra812000


      LOL that is what i said about the ETS2 trucks :D

    2. BlackriderUK


      its easy on ETS though you dont have a massive bonnet obscuring your view lol

    3. tra812000


      yea ATS is a challenge for those who are not use to it but are use to ETS2. 

  2. BlackriderUK

    damage from nowhere

    Seems this is a thing , i just did my first WOT job (uppsala to rostock) and decided to go to EU1 (normally play on EU3) to do it all was fine till i went through malmo , never hit or touched anything yet tractor took 27% damage and trailer kept pinging me that it was taking 0% damage.
  3. BlackriderUK

    We need to make Real world and Game world clear!!

    @Smokingtaco The external contract speed limit has nothing to do with TMP that is the speed limit that world of trucks have enforced , TMP couldn't change that even if they wanted to http://blog.scssoft.com/2015/12/world-of-trucks-contracts-questions.html
  4. Wtf OHLE (OverHead Line Equipment  trucks lol what will they think of next 


  5. BlackriderUK

    Schwarzmüller trailer

    The DLC Schwarzmuller trailers arnt actually in the economy , what you need to do is take a job, then when you get to the place your picking the trailer up from press enter and in the picture with the trailer you will see a cog icon , Click on that and you can select the design of trailer you want to take , sometimes its the black trailer sometimes the white , also on some short routes you cant change the trailer to a Schwarzmuller. Hope that helps All the best Blackrider
  6. BlackriderUK

    Bug Speed Limit

    The new 150kph speedlimit that has been put on all servers enables your game speedlimiter (could be a glitch or something with game code ) but even with the speed limiter ticked you should be able to go up to the new speed limit of 150kph.
  7. BlackriderUK

    Attachments Limit

    Yes this topic can now be locked i will create a feedback ticket to a CM with the attachments i need deleted. All the best Blackrider
  8. BlackriderUK

    Attachments Limit

    Ok so i just tried to post a pic in a topic and it gave me a warning that i have reached my limit , so i went into my attachments and i have this message ( You have used 486.33 kB of your 500 kB attachment limit.) under a % bar which is at 97%. My question is is this a monthly limit (eg at the start of next month i will get another 500kb limit) or is this permanent The reason i ask this is because if its permanent then it could be classed as a bug with the website ( I cant delete old pictures as they are in threads that are now locked and im unable to edit my messages to remove the images) All the best Blackrider
  9. BlackriderUK

    Global speed limiter

    (I posted this in a now trashed topic so for anyone who didn't see it i will post it here ) The reason so many people are saying go to EU1 is simple:- EU1 is the simulation server ( Speed limiter:- Enabled , Cars:- Disabled , Collision:- Enabled) EU2 is non-simulation with cars ( Speed limiter:- Disabled , Cars:- Enabled , Collision:- Enabled ) EU3 is Non simulation without cars ( Speed limiter:- Disabled , Cars:- Disabled , Collision:- Enabled) EU4 is free for all ( Speed limiter:- Disabled , Cars:- Enabled , Collision:- Disabled So i see both sides of the story , On one hand what gives the people who want a simulation server, but dont want to go to EU1 ,the right to demand a limiter on the non limited servers and tell the speeders to go to EU4 , if you want to go for simulation go to the simulation server dedicated to that purpose (Aka EU1) , On the other hand what gives the speeders the right to tell everyone to go to EU1 . Lets say for instance, we say ok this is a simulation game meant to simulate real life ok , In the UK Trucks are limited to 56mph, however i have been in a truck before (with a recently calibrated speedometer ) and we were doing 56mph however a truck passed us like we were literally stood still (he was easily breaking the roads car limit of 70mph ) so even in real life you get people who break the rules of the road , hell i will fully admit i speed when ever i go out on the motorbike , so even if this game was simulating real life , there should be no limiter on the non limited servers ( EU2,3,4) it may be a simulation but its still just a game at the end of the day. With all the above being said i can see the argument for having a limiter on, it will cut down on reckless driving , not so much accidents as i believe what will happen now is people will be fighting each other to get in front (eg ramming other trucks ect ) so they can get the lead and the person they rammed cant catch back up , Yes it means extended driving times but at 150kph you should be able to control your Truck a lot easier and come to a stop faster in an emergency. so as with everything there will always be pros and cons there will always be people who agree and people who disagree with what happens , at the end of the day that's what makes us all human and individuals , As for people saying if you want speed play f1 or something , what they don't understand is f1 is a car , people want to go fast in a truck something that isn't designed for speed, it isnt in a racing game its unique (personally i use speed in ETS2 to get from Palermo to Uppsala in 2hrs , real time gameplay , anymore that 2 hrs playing the same game gets boring for me.) So yes to summarise i see both sides of the argument , Pros and cons for having a limiter , Why people want it and why people don't , But this time around we don't have a choice in the matter (personally i'm semi ok with the 150kph as that's the speed i used to do anyway before i knew how to alter my truck , but if EU4 does become no limiter , then i will happily hop over there from time to time to get a speed fix. Also the reason so many people are complaining is mainly human nature , Your removing a freedom that they once had , Its the same with everything you remove someones freedom to do something (be it the right choice or not) People will always fight and complain about the issue , Again its what makes us human and individuals. I hope what i have said above helps both sides of the argument understand the other sides a bit better. Take care , All the best and Happy trucking. Blackrider
  10. Right time for sleeps ive been up way to long lol 

  11. BlackriderUK


    @Prushn The global speed limiter isnt your issue as you say you can only do 55mph (the global speed limiter is 150kph which is 93mph)
  12. BlackriderUK

    Global speed limiter

    @Prushn No that isnt the reason for your speed limiter issue (150kph is 93mph not 55mph)
  13. BlackriderUK


    @Prushn Can i ask what server you play on also do you know about the remove limiter in game settings and multiplayer tab settings? It could be a number of things causing this :- You could have a external trailer job (they have limited speeds) You could have the speed limiter enabled in game settings or the multiplayer tab settings
  14. BlackriderUK

    A Rule That Does not Make Sense!

    Ahh you mean the turn on your headlights rule , what you did wrong in that situation is you carried on moving (the auto kick only enables if your truck is in motion ) what you should have done was pull to the side of the road stopped your truck and pressed f7 to go to a garage to repair. Regrettably that's where the game dosn't fully recreate real life , As with most vehicles you can still have the headlights on even with the engine off.
  15. BlackriderUK

    A Rule That Does not Make Sense!

    Sorry to say but what you said made absolutely no sense whatsoever , So you will have to explain it better , Also the link to the video is a dead link (the Video has been deleted)