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  1. Lately I've had a more than normal number of lag spikes and disconnects from the US Sim server. I was just wondering if there is an issue with the server or other players have been reporting the same issue? I'm just trying to track down where the issue is before I have a tech come out. Thanks guys, Prushn
  2. Good hearing from you AOD! I suck at ingame messaging and didn't want to get kicked for wrecking trucks while I typed :)


    1. JCEE


      hpy brthdy


  3. Prushn

    Decrypt tool

    Thank you Sir! My question has been answered. Thank you!
  4. Prushn

    Decrypt tool

    Will do Jamie, thank you! Creathy, What is the line item I'm looking for where I'd find my total income so far?
  5. I apologize if I've posted this in the wrong forum. With the coming of 1.37 I noticed that SII decrypt no longer works tom open the save file. Is there a decrypt tool that will actually work? My idea is to edit my income back down to 10,000 and play with a realistic income mod? Any help pr guidance would be appreciated. Prushn
  6. I'm ok with the speed cap actually. However having 45 mph speed zones on interstates is a bit silly. I'm lowered to 45 mph because I'm passing Gallup on the 40 but yet I can drive light speed through the center of Bakersfield on the same highway. Someone is over thinking the speed reduction zones.
  7. I just have,a quick question. I've noticed that the 55 mph enforced speed zones are now 45 mph. Was there a reason for this or did someone "bump" the wrong setting? Why exactly do we have the reduced speed zones, especially in places like Gallup and Los Cruces. Just curious. Prushn
  8. Prushn


    [ST-E] T.Rucker, It appears to have been fixed. I just got on and the speed is back to normal, thankfully. Appreciate you letting them know so quickly. Have a good one!
  9. Prushn


    None of my settings had been changed and the speed limiter is off. I play on the ATS US server, Based on Asatelon's response it's a server side issue that TMP is aware of and working on.
  10. Prushn


    ok found the answer. Global speed limiter.
  11. This must be why on the ATS/US server my max speed is 55mph?
  12. Prushn


    Thanks Blackrider, I checked both of those. the external trailer should be limited to 65 and the game doesn't have the speed limiter checked. Like I said, everything was fine a couple of days ago. I noticed that the other trucks on the server weren't going very fast either.
  13. Prushn


    For some reason within the past couple of days my truck will not go more than 55mph no matter what the road speed is. I hadn't played in a couple of days and this hadn't been a problem before. Any suggestions or have I missed something as far as server settings?
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