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  1. This here is not entirely true. While our limit is higher than that of the normal players, for many different reasons, it does have a limit. we cant drive 200km/h. Now i havent actually driven our limit in a long time, so i am not entirely sure what it is, but i think its 150, like it is on the arcade servers, but dont hold me to that.
  2. I dont know for sure. But i know if you want to use the Dbus program to handle your route it has to go to bus stations. I am pretty sure you cant make stops in the middle of no where. You can only create custom routes to bus stations. At least as far as i know.
  3. There is literally people who only drive up and down the CD road just to make reports. And since this is a trucking game we would prefer you to do some actual trucking. There are plenty of roads for you to do so on. We dont want to encourage people to just drive up and down the CD road to make reports. And since all the bad drivers are mostly concentrated on that area, you can just drive somewhere else. Its not that we condone that they drive this badly, but they are all on that road and so you can drive somewhere else and be mostly free of that type of people. And so you cant really drive on the CD road and complain you get into accidents when you know how the road is. and even if everyone had 20 reports and made all their reports from the CD road, we would likely never get rid of the bad people anyway, and so to not have the web report system drowning in reports from the CD road (anymore than it already is) we simply give it a neutral rating. We appreciate that you make reports from there, but you dont get any extra reports from there.
  4. The main reason for this is that there are people who only drive on the CD road to farm reports. And so to not have them only drive on the CD road to farm reports and gain more report slots and so make even more reports from the CD road and "spam" the report system with reports from the CD road, all reports from the CD road and that road in ProMods gets a neutral rating, that way you wont loose any reports on it, but you wont gain any reports either. Also because that if you drive on the CD road you do so willingly and everyone knows that its a road where accidents will happen and so if you dont like getting hit, you should drive somewhere else instead of driving up and down that road to make reports
  5. As said before. The 1.4 rule counts when you create the report. Meaning that the incident in your evidence cant have happened more than 14 days ago when you create that report. And so lets say you created your report 10 days after the incident happened, and it takes another 10 days before your report is looked at, making your evidence 20 days old, your report is still good because it was made before your evidence was 14 days old. And why you loose reports when your report gets declined? Well thats to stop the reporting system to be flooded by bad reports. And so if you have made enough bad reports you will end up with 0 reports and so cant make any more reports. And so saving us from having to deal with your bad reports. And if you then make good reports outside of the CD road, you get more reports to make up to a certain amount. In regards to the impersonating rule its usually a situation where if we catch someone impersonating staff or similar we tell them to stop it and if they refuse they get a ban. Like having a tag that says Admin and then we ask them to change it and if they do they get a warning. If they refuse they get banned till the tag is changed. But if you report someone for impersonating, lets say they have the Admin tag, then your report might be 8 days old when a moderator looks at it and so the perpetrator might not have the admin tag any more and so there is no reason to ban them as they already changed the tag. Its not the kind of rule where we ban them a lot of days. Its usually asking them to change tag or stop impersonating and thats it. Also cause they cant really do anything when they are impersonating. And we dont regard being outside map boundaries as hacking or bug abusing. Since its really not. There is plenty of ways you could get out there. None of them requires bug abusing or hacking. And so if we catch them doing so in game we usually warn them and kick them. And if you report them for it, we will usually not ban them for it as they probably arent there any more and they did not hurt anyone doing so.
  6. Sure we had monopoly but that does not mean people have to play online. If they hate RTS so much then just dont play. As i said there are plenty of other games, like right now steam has more than 50000 games. So no one is forcing anyone to play TMP. If they choose to play here anyway then maybe RTS is not as bad as some people make it. At least not bad enough that people dont want to play. No i dont wonder about that stuff. We are a multiplayer mod. We are not a company that needs to make money. If we dont get enough donations to keep servers running then we just close. We dont get paid to do this. So its not something that has to keep going. And so if we loose a few people over something, its not the end of the world, so i dont wonder too much about the numbers. Well because management change. Different people want different things. And also because we do listen to the community. And so after some community polls we changed some things. Things might have been a little too harsh and so things where changed. That doesent mean that RTS was not successful, just that we also do listen.
  7. But even with RTS people still played this game when they all of a sudden had a lot of free time cause of Covid. There are plenty of other games to play but people still chose to play TMP even with RTS. Which shows that RTS did not matter that much to people when they all of a sudden had extra time on their hands. People tend to complain a lot about things when they dont need them. And when they suddenly do there isent a lot of complaining any more. RTS was not a problem as long as you kept to the rules. Which isent that had. There is quite a lot of people who has been here since 2014, that has never been banned. And so if you get banned you broke the rules and should maybe consider how you are driving. And what i meant was that we are back to normal numbers considering that SCS Convoy is a thing as well. So all in all i think things are going well.
  8. Well we have relaxed a bit on the ban lengths and you no longer get permanently banned if you have 6 bans within a year and even ban evading is not a permanent ban any more. And so The ban lengths are more relaxed now than they where under RTS. Drove a lot of people away? A year after Road To Simulation was introduced we had the highest number of players playing at the same time that we have ever had. Almost two years after it was introduced we had the second highest number playing at the same time that we have ever had, It was not until convoy was introduced that we lost a bunch of players. Which makes sense. Convoy offers are more relaxed environment where you wont get rammed by random players from the CD road and it has AI traffic and it also offers you to use any mod you want. We cant do that atm. And so it does make sense that we lost some players to that. But to say that RTS drove a lot of players away is simply not really true. Usually the people who where mad with RTS, where the people who had a hard time following the rules. These days we have about the numbers we had before RTS. But we have never had as many people playing as we did during RTS.
  9. Its a game you say? What sort of game? First person shooter? no. Racing game? no. Fifa game? No. Ohhh Wait! There it was! Trucking Simulation Game. Simulation game! And what does a simulation game strive to do? Simulate the real thing. And so that is what we do or try to at least. Now you claim you that things where more relaxed before road to simulation. But that is not actually the case. The thing you got banned for would also have gotten you banned before road to simulation. Maybe not quite as long but it would still have gotten you banned, with the same reason. You endangered someone else by not making sure that there was no traffic before you went overtaking. The main reason why Road to simulation was introduced was to try and make this a better simulation experience and to try and calm the CD road a bit. Everyone could see it, 150km/h on the CD road caused chaos and the short ban times never did anything to stop people from braking the rules. And so we simply had to do something and so Road to simulation was introduced. Did it work? Yes to some degree, but we have also realized that some of it might have been too harsh and so toned some stuff down again, like ban lengths and such.
  10. When i first started ETS2 i choose London and in ATS i choose San Francisco.
  11. But you can only buy them in the steam market because someone is selling them. If no one was selling the one they had then you would not be able to get them. SCS is not selling them. And in regards to the achievement being visible? I dont know, maybe the devs just havent thought about it. And does it really matter that much?
  12. I want all current paint jobs to have a matching ownable trailer paint job. So for example there are pirate paint jobs where we see a pirate ship sailing after other ships, its like a sea battle. Would be cool if this battle continued onto the trailer with more ships and more battle. Or the space paint jobs would have more stars and planets on the trailer. Like just continuing all paint jobs on the trailers. I have wanted that for years.
  13. Cant really tell you about the process. As i dont know what questions you will be asked and what happens during training is that you get trained to be a moderator. Is it difficult? It can be. And we do quite a lot of reports, which is a lot of the work we do. Cant really tell you what a typical day looks like as there isent really one. Its not like when you show up to work in the morning and you do the same job every day. Some days you might not do anything as you have other real life things to do. And other days you do a lot of moderator work. There is no typical day. Being a moderator is not the glamorous thing some people think it is. Sure you get access to the police car but you dont really drive around in that a lot. And you really should not want to become a moderator because of the police car. And does it make it all more fun? Sometimes but i wouldent say it elevates Truckers MP to be super funny and much better than if you are just a normal player, as it is a lot of work and when driving in game you are always a moderator. And so yes you can just go driving like anyone else, but if something happens near you, you have to act on it. And so its never just a drive, there is always stuff to do.
  14. I always recommend to use the Website to report people. Always record your game and save recordings when something happens and then use that to report players on the website. Using the in game system is fine, but there is a chance that your report wont be seen and so it is always better to use the website to report people as those reports will be looked at.
  15. All of And sultans of swing of cause: And And there is probably more that i cant remember right now.
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