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  1. So i cant know this for certain cause i cant see into the future. But my answer to this would be no. 150km/h is not coming back. I even think 110km/h is too much, i think it should be 90km/h. But i am pretty sure that 150km/h is a thing of the past and we wont see that again.
  2. I only drive World Of Trucks contracts. It might limit me to 90km/h or 65mph in ATS. But i dont mind.
  3. And if you play SCS MP with 8 people you can already see your frames dropping, even if you are not the host. Its a problem we know very well here at TMP. I think we run better with 8 people around, but when we get to have 20-30 or more people around most peoples computers loose frames. And that is simply cause this game is not optimised for running with all these high resolution trucks at the same time. And so SCS has to do quite a lot of optimisation before they can increase the limit to more than 8 trucks. And not only that but the host computer is also gonna struggle much more, the more people it has to host as the host of SCS MP. Your computer is essentially turned into a server when you host it. And so low end computers will really struggle and its gonna be even worse if they also have bad internet.
  4. Yeah okay. But as he said its probably in years time. Cause they will have to figure out all these things i mentioned. We rely on ad money and patreons i think for covering the cost of the servers and all that. And i cant see SCS asking people to be patreons to run a TMP like server. Its just an expense they wont really make any money from unless they find a way to make money from it in some way. And i dont see a subscription based thing either. Cause this here is all free, you dont have to pay a dime. You just need the base ATS or ETS 2 game. So i think its gonna be interesting to see how they plan to do that.
  5. Where have they said that they plan to evolve their MP to something like ours? I highly doubt that. We here at TMP are about 200 staff members, which is about the same as what SCS has employed. But we "only" deal with this MP. Where as SCS deals with creating their games, DLC's, and making money to pay those 200 employees. So unless SCS decides to make their MP a subscription based thing then how are they gonna make money, to run x amount of MP servers and to get the quite a lot of extra people to run an MP like ours? We have over 100 moderators just to try and keep the servers free of trolls. It would just be a big expense for them with no real income on it.
  6. I often ban and kick people as part of being a Moderator. But when i dont do that i do World Of Truck jobs. And go where ever they take me
  7. This is the middle of summer. So there is quite a lot of people on vacation. And its been a few days since we released the update. It takes time for people to realize we are updated and people have to be home from vacation too. And numbers where up today. From like 1200 to like 2200 today. So up by a 1000 people. And so as more people realize we are updated and as people get home from vacation i am sure numbers are gonna go up again. And some of it is of cause because people are checking out the SCS convoy function. But they will soon be back again.
  8. I highly doubt that. Not as long as what they are doing is P2P as it is right now. Cause with P2P, multiplayer is dependant on everyone computers and internet connections. And so if one person has a really bad internet connection of PC it will affect everyone else playing. So unless SCS makes servers like the ones we have here, then they wont be raising that limit too much cause it could ruin the other peoples multiplayer experience. And i dont seem then add the servers we have here. They dont have the staff to handle servers like the ones we have here. They would need the same amount of moderators and an appeal system and all that. I just really dont see it happen. Now to why we have had lower numbers on TMP recently? Well the main cause is the fact that SCS updated the game to 1.41. And so people had to downgrade and use a backup profile in order to play TMP. And a lot of people has just not done that. And not only that but its the middle of summer. So people are on vacation and all that. So with TMP now supporting 1.41 i suspect that the numbers are gonna go up again within a little time, as people realize TMP is now updated and as people get home from vacations.
  9. Yeah we dont have a building somewhere in the world where we all sit and work. All of us communicate over the internet from our own homes. So you cant say that TMP is from a specific country. Some of our staff are from Canada, some are from Eastern Europe, some from Turkey, some from Asia, some from south america and so forth. We are from all over the world. So TMP is a multicultural/multi gender community.
  10. One of the main reason for people getting banned on the CD road is Speed. Everyone wants to drive 110km/h and because of that they also overtake anyone going slower. And very often they dont look if anyone is coming, and so they either hit oncoming traffic or the person they are overtaking or they create a dangerous situation. So if you want to avoid getting banned then slow down and dont overtake on the CD road. If you cant do this: then you should not be overtaking. And if there is a queue, then wait in line. Its not that hard. Dont be in a hurry.
  11. The problem is here, that we did not program the AI traffic. And i highly doubt that we are gonna reprogram that traffic. So making traffic take a turn off before a populated area is probably not gonna happen. The AI traffic is gonna drive where the AI traffic is gonna drive. And that is why this is such a headache i think, cause its gonna take some figuring out, so that the traffic is not driving places we dont want it. But it should also be made so that someone cant just follow an AI car until it drives into an area we dont want it in. So i am glad i am not the one who has to figure that out
  12. So making AI traffic work on TMP is a much bigger job than it sounds. Cause i am sure we could just add the AI files to the server and it would work. But that would bring the issue that its not synced. So that would give a lot of trouble. But it also gives another problem. That AI traffic would spawn anywhere, no matter how many trucks are around. Which would cause huge problems on like the CD road. So something would need to be implemented that meant that AI traffic would only spawn if there was under a certain amount of trucks around in an area. And i think figuring out how that would work is harder than it sounds. Like should AI traffic automatically despawn in front of your eyes if it drives into an area with too many trucks? There is a lot to figure out there. So its not just turning it on. But who knows what the future brings? I am sure its gonna come at some point
  13. But unless everyone with that rank drives on one server then its not gonna work. Cause people will drive where all the other people are. So if you have 1000 people driving on a rank server. And 3000 people driving on a non rank server then no one will drive on the rank server cause everyone else is on the non rank server. And people go where the other people are. Which is also why the realistic server wont work. Not unless we make all servers realistic so that you cant avoid it. But i dont think that is gonna happen. Also since we cant really get the AI traffic on here not at the moment anyway. Cause again if there is 3000 people driving on a normal server and 1000 on a realistic server, then most people will still go to the normal server cause that is where everyone else is. People are sheep. They follow all the others.
  14. I do not agree on removing the cars. It is not only trolls that use them. I know plenty of people who are not trolls that drive the cars, myself included. And if you remove the cars, the trolls are just gonna move into trucks instead. Which are bigger and heavier and that does more damage. So not only will it not fix the problem, but you will also be removing the cars for those people who actually drives them properly. But what would improve TMP? Well i think that if we could get the traffic off the CD road and onto all the other roads, it would improve the experience for everyone. Cause then all roads (at least in the base map) would be busy and not just one road. But getting the traffic off the CD road is easier said than done.
  15. I use what ever 12 speed retarded gearbox the truck comes with, and i use sequential since i am on controller.
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