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  1. Yes, I got the answer I was looking for with the answer given above!
  2. What do the green and yellow dots from the punishment history stand for?
  3. Cautam de mult un tutorial de genul si insfarsit am gasit unul simplu si uror de urmat
  4. Interesant tutorial, o sa il incerc si eu si voi reveni cu un update si cu rezultatele before and after.
  5. Thank you for the tutorial, even late 2019 it's still usefull!
  6. Foarte interesant topicul, mai ales ca multi ar putea sa invete ceva de aici nu doar in ETS2 ci si in viata reala.
  7. To be honest I don't like it as much as others in this comment section. Also since Renault Range T is out for so long in real life and still not in-game you are going to have to wait for a long time until Iveco-S Way will be part of ETS2.
  8. Cool profile, I'd like to know if anyone would like an updated version of this profile. I could do that
  9. The new Event Server System is making it so easy to make great Convoys. Thank you for the information Wheezy.
  10. Thank you very much, Prime. This will help a lot!
  11. The new VTC area was one of the best addition in the last months. Thank you for doing your part
  12. In my opinion, if you want to drive like a snail then you should play SinglePlayer or at least expect to get a lot of horns towards you, people being mad behind you and a lot of ramming from others.
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