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  1. Octavian101

    Hot topic #16: One truck family event

    Overall a great event, I finished it on the first 8 days and it was pretty easy!
  2. Octavian101

    Romania Delivery

    Succes cu firma, suna promitator!
  3. Octavian101

    Winter Mod

    For me, winter started already ( Romania )
  4. Octavian101

    Most popular truck

    I like Volvo a lot but I also change my truck every week so I never get bored
  5. Octavian101

    Beautifull landscape and where to find them

    You can find beautiful landscape anywhere on the map is you know how to search it
  6. Octavian101

    Satisfaction survey

    I just completed the survey and all I hope is that it is not just some formal paper and questions like the in-game question of how the /fix command should work And also as how Lucy said :
  7. Octavian101

    Beacon Script - Enforcing Rule

    Sounds good to me and it should be implemented.
  8. Octavian101

    Crash vehicle offense when hitting other player's trucks

    And also the traffic offense button could be locked just like the speed limit in Europa 1
  9. Octavian101

    Crash @ Calais

    I have the same problem when i try to teleport from my main garage to calais one. After about 2-3 weeks i decide to play mp again and i get this critical error
  10. Octavian101

    Help :|

    Yes, my problem is fixed now, thank you everyone for helping me
  11. Octavian101

    Help :|

    As how you can see I did uncheck the ats box
  12. Octavian101

    Help :|

    I just want to install ets 2 mp, why does it ask for Ats folder? ( I don't own ats ) How can I fix ?
  13. Octavian101

    Road Events question

    Are the road events client side in multiplayer ? For ex. If I see a small pit on the ground are other players gonna see it too?
  14. Octavian101

    [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    I'm in , gl everyone!
  15. Octavian101

    Should they add in another car?

    Instead of adding a new car they could replace it with the updated version or a new car anyway i don't think it will happen at least in the next 6-12 months since they work hard for the skoda trailer job.