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  1. The past 24 hours have been hard. I woke up this morning to think that it was false and you’re still here. Sadly, it wasn’t true. I’m honestly shocked and sad to hear that you are no longer here with us Speedy. You was always there with me when I started my TruckersMP Game Moderator experience and you was also there when I needed help.


    I’m honestly heartbroken to know that our police car cruise down the C-D road will never happen. We were both excited for it. Thank you for everything that you’ve done, not only for me but for everybody that you’ve met along the way. You will, always, be missed. I miss you already. You are a legend within the TruckersMP community and that won’t ever be forgotten.



    1. Guest


      I’m honestly heartbroken to know that our police car cruise down the C-D road will never happen

      Get the team together and do a police car convoy cruise from the city of Duisburg to Calais. Lights and siren to show what he would have wanted. The team to continue on strong, present and visible for everyone to see. 

      He was legend for sure. A mentor to many and a friend to all. We lose one legend but his experience and his presence on this earth has left new members the ability to learn from him and to uphold his legacy

    2. Prime Mirage2357

      Prime Mirage2357

      I am so sorry that you will never get to talk to him again 😭.  I hope one day soon we can do a memorial service for Speedy on TruckersMP and I will do everything in my power to attend and will help in any way I can.  I want to remember Speedy for everything he did, he was nice, passionate, respectful, funny, and all round, an amazing person.  I will never forget him.  He will be missed dearly.  I hoped to one day work with him, but sadly that will never happen.  My prayers and thoughts go out to Speedy and his family during this tragic time.  I hope to carry on his legacy with everyone in the TMP team and community.  

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