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  1. Cyrex

    The last number wins!

  2. So far it looks very promising, keep up the good work
  3. Cyrex

    How to install ReShade/SweetFX

    Awesome, now i can drive with nicer graphics in MP aswell
  4. That would be amazing! Love how they work so hard on this game !!
  5. Cyrex

    Buggy Trailers

    I don't have the Schwarzmuller DLC which seems to be the problem. I just thought they would of done the same with Schwarzmuller DLC as with Krone where its a custom skin saying "Buy Krone DLC". Thanks for the answers, this can be closed as it has been resolved
  6. Cyrex

    Buggy Trailers

    So from time to time i see people with red trailers and either its a company trailer that is just red, or its a red one saying texture? Anyone knows why this occures?
  7. Used to be a real Volvo fan, tried out the Scania New Gen and now theres no going back
  8. Cyrex

    Rule Update – Q1 2019

    Do i have to mod it in SP first then go into MP as if i have the addon mod by forerunner activated and goes into MP i still can't edit my trailers?
  9. Supported, this is kinda annoying!
  10. Supported idea
  11. Done three deliveries so far, 1 to paris and 2 to Bratislava
  12. Cyrex

    Do you slow down, when you are overtaken?

    I usually do slow down, especially on county roads with just two lanes. On highways i rarely does as there are usually more then 2 lanes
  13. Cyrex

    Name format broken?

  14. Cyrex

    Name format broken?

    @Ali. So you are not able to just set it to Zeyrox as that is what i put in but think i had a custom format copied with the name? Or do i have to play as User_TMPID for 14 days now?
  15. Cyrex

    Name format broken?

    So i just changed my in-game name on TMP and i accidently put it in a font which i guess TMP does not support so now my name in-game are just a bunch of question marks... Is there anyway i could contact a member of staff to manually fix it or do i have to wait the 14 days?