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  1. I normally use the cargo from the freight market and select a route within my limits I usually have. I normally drive 900-1500 km per journey and so take whatever fits in.
  2. Hello dear community, I am a driver who always tries to follow the traffic rules, including the speed limits. But yesterday I had a case that bothered me and I would like to know what you think about it: Yesterday I drove a 1500 km tour from Poland to Calais, and for more fun I also used the C-D route. About 250 km long a truck which had a locomotive loaded and a very weak truck was driving in front of me. The player always drove the route with only 30 to 40 km/h which caused many people to overtake and endangered the traffic. I myself drove behind and was a bit annoyed because this way of driving is quite provocative and blocking. In some countries it is also forbidden to prevent traffic. According to the rules it is, as far as I know, allowed to slow down traffic like that. What do you say to that? Is it allowed? And shouldn't it be forbidden to drive so slowly in busy areas? Greetings
  3. In the game I use both options depending on the situation. If I have an accident in the middle of the drive, I usually use F7. But if after 2500km I am only a few (less than 200km) away from the destination, I like to load the Autosave to save time and to repair the freight damage. (Virtual Spedition)
  4. Die Idee finde ich eigentlich nicht schlecht. Aber ja : Der Sound ist nervig und die Fahrzeuge haben seltsame Fahreigenschaften. Das Hauptproblem ist aber meiner Meinung nach, dass viele die solche Fahrzeuge fahren das Spiel nicht ernst nehmen und durch unangebrachtes Fahrverhalten den Spaß der Mitspieler mildert.
  5. Due to the SCS Event I upgraded to 1.37 and playing this. I also try to get used to the new trucks and trying new configurations. Yesterday I tested the new Renault the first time
  6. Dogum günün kutlu olsun :)

    1. Suleyman.53


      Teşekkür ederim :wub:

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    Evening in New Home :love:

  8. It depends on the Situation. If there is a 3 Lane - Highway, I stay on the right one, and do not block anyone else, if he is fast enough he can overtake. On smaller roads I normally slow down to make it easier for all of us.
  9. I stop mostly on every red light. As a Train Driver the Red Light has an very Important trigger in my head.
  10. To be honest. I don't have recognized the changes yet. But I don't have tried to change any special thing in the Multiplayer. I am okay with the DLC's and TruckersMP
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