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  1. Soo, who's ready for the Real Operations V8 aftermovie? :P

  2. What's going on here?


  3. Hello truckers! Today we have an exciting opportunity for you. The TruckersMP Media Team are proud to present a chance for you to be featured in an official video! Quite simply we need a short quote from you about how TruckersMP has impacted/changed your life over however long you've been playing! We will select a handful of messages and feature them in the video. Please comment your statement on the forum post which can be seen here. Thank you, TruckersMP Media Team
  4. ^ Sehe ich genau so. So ein Magazin passt auch nicht irgendwie in die TruckersMP Szene - Vielleicht mega, um ein bisschen mehr Roleplay rein zu bringen, aber wie oben schon gesagt: Es wird sehr wenige Leute geben die sowas tatsächlich lesen und ggf. mitmachen.
  5. Just created a new Video for the TMP Channel! Go check it out 


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    2. N'Field


      @[VIVA] LaxZ that is sell ?

    3. LaxZ


      @N'Field Yes, you need to buy it. It's not free.

  6. Have fun with 1 Hour and 17 Mins: 


    1. Kid Fabi
    2. Fading


      Wow this video must've taken you years to mak... nevermind just read the title :troll:

  7. New video!



  8. New video with VIVA Trucking and Fast Cargo!



    1. Carrera18


      YES! a nice new video we were waiting for. Thanks.. :wub: :tmp:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  9. New video! 



  10. Real Operations V2 "Aftermovie" :P 


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. Fumiko


      Nice vid :wub:  but it really looks like it only happened in like one place "/

  11. Sind hier überhaupt noch welche Aktiv ?
  12. Viva Trucking is back! Check out our latest promo video! 



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    2. novice
    3. -XCE-


      @[VIVA] Quad What's happening to those that are already drivers for the company?

    4. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      Visit www.vivatrucking.com and read our press center post.

  13. New Video!



    1. Penguin


      Unless your banned ofc :P 

  14. I'm back with a new video! 


    1. Baldemar TR
    2. -VOYVODA-


      Woow that is wonderful !!! Suddenly I thought is it real ?? :) very successful thanks for your effort mate 

  15. New video!



    1. Fading


      Looks gooud. I think I have a mod that might improve your SP cinematics tho ;)

  16. Check out my new video!



    1. AmerraRich


      This is awesome man keep up the hard work!!!! :)

    2. AmerraRich


      there you go man i subed


  17. New video! :)



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    2. Fading


      Look at 40 seconds.

    3. Creatured


      well not my fault laxz is too lazy to turn off steam notifications when recording


    4. LaxZ


      Thats right! :D 

  18. Trucking Is Our Life. New Video!



  19. Check out my new video!


    1. Guest


      very nice video sir. 

  20. New video!



    1. MonoMuffins


      This video was really cool! :) 

    2. Fading


      Dang it, my video is still processing. Of course you beat me to the Heavy Cargo cinematic :(


      Anywho, amazing bro.

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