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  1. A sound change throughout the entire game may not be possible. However, you can add these sound modes yourself. However, other players hear this sound as it is normal, not as you hear it. The video I shared is in Turkish, but you can access the sound mode by following the steps in the video. But my advice to you is that everything is better when it is original.
  2. I also have a complaint about the Skoda that is currently in the game. A car should not be this difficult to drive. The vehicle is completely unusable at high speeds. I support the balancing that can be done to the vehicle.
  3. @Low Horsepower Truck Your suggestion may produce a more sustainable solution. But instead of changing this entire area, a speed limit can be added starting from the connection road or speed bumps inside the gas station.
  4. I think it is completely wrong to make reporting paid, because if we make reporting paid, trolls and cheats will break the rules as they wish, knowing that a very small group of players will report them. I support the idea of changing the in-game reporting system instead of making reporting paid.
  5. Önerine benzer öneriler daha önce forumda birçok kez karşıma çıktı ve bende direk olarak senin önerini değil ama Calais şehri iç sirkülasyonu ve bağlantı yollarının elden geçirilmesini destekliyorum. şehir içerisine giriş ve çıkışın aynı yol üzerinde tek şerit olması ve tamirhanenin orada bulunan kavşak burada oluşan trafiğin bence ana nedenleri. Diğer önerilerde sunulan alanı çarpışmaya kapatmak gibi bir radikal karar saçma olacaktır. Bu yüzden şehir nasıl daha önce Duisburg özel olarak ele alınıp yeniden elden geçirildi ise Calais içinde aynı çalışmaya ihtiyacımız olduğunu görmekteyiz.
  6. You may sometimes experience this problem in busy areas of the game, depending on the density. If you are getting the same error in another city. After entering the game, open the game console, type game there and try to enter again a few times. If it still does not work, you can try the video in the link I posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy5QZTILMyQ
  7. In the game, press the Tab key and click on Game, there is enable speed limiter. You can get rid of this problem by removing the checkmark there.
  8. First of all, you cannot talk in the game without pressing the talk key, the x key on the keyboard. If you tried this, you can try typing /channel 19 in the in-game chat, this is the default conversation channel. If this doesn't work, the microphone shown in the photo should be your default microphone, you need to go into Windows sound settings to adjust it. If these do not work, reply to me and we can continue to find a solution to your problem.
  9. Yarışmaya birden fazla fotoğrafla katılabilir miyiz?
  10. Tmp'nin bu tarz etkinlikler düşünüyor olması heyecan verici, devamını bekliyoruz.
  11. You can reach the island by boarding a ship from Rotterdam port.
  12. Overly long texts may cause distraction on the screen. It should also be noted that these texts can be of any color. That's why I think these articles should only be written by VCT members to represent their own VCTs or some fixed terms, so that people's nonsense articles do not take up space on the screen. For example, if you are a heavy tonnage vehicle, this is added there as a template and those who carry heavy loads use it.
  13. Reporting systems may be busy at times, but it is sufficient that you send your report in accordance with the rules. The report will be responded to sooner or later.
  14. Vehicles other than the trucks in the game are sometimes used for purposes other than their intended purpose. The role of the cars in the game should really be escorting. Otherwise, there may be players who try to play car racing in the game. Setting a speed limit on these cars can reduce the number of accidents when they are used outside of escort duty. That's why I support the idea of a speed limit for cars.
  15. There are some previously opened topics on this subject. Regarding your opinion, I think there should be regulations for people who will drive vehicles.
  16. It is quite normal to receive such new truck requests. Ets2 has not received new trucks for a long time. However, TMP is responsible here, not SCS, because they are responsible for the development of the game and we have no choice but to wait for now.
  17. You can create a report using the link below so that the admins can evaluate your complaint. You must create a web-report about this user from here: https://truckersmp.com/reports
  18. Although I do not find the lane increase correct, I think the things that can be done to add a new interpretation to the idea are to increase the connection roads, offer alternative routes or add slowing elements such as the roads at the Brussels junction. Speaking of Alternative Route, in my opinion, people use the d-c road because of its single lane and winding bends. In my opinion, roads similar to this, such as the secret road on the new island, can be added.
  19. It's nice of you to notice this. But I wish you would make more constructive comments instead of negative thoughts and help generate new ideas. How easy it is to say wrong is wrong. There is no point unless we can find a solution to this.
  20. Because in the active system, only 1 player can report 1 suspicious player. This system causes admins to have long lists of reports on their screens and spend time looking at them one by one. However, my suggestion is that if admins see intense complaints beforehand, fluidity in the system can be achieved. No, I'm not trying to build an army, I'm trying to propose a system where players can convey their problems to the game administrators more easily with the help of a system. If you don't want to support it, I understand. I want to generate positive ideas instead of looking so negatively. You can reply to this flood.
  21. Having paths with privileged rules in the game can cause confusion within the rules and, in my opinion, inequality of rules among players. So I see this idea as usable, but I think it needs to be improved and generally made available everywhere on the map
  22. I do not think that I am suggesting the same suggestion that was suggested before. I also read those articles before making this suggestion. I think one should not be so hesitant about this issue. You argue that voting systems may be inaccurate or sabotaged by a few people. However, the logic of the voting is to prevent such sabotage. The more different people express their opinions about the event, the easier it will be for us to reach the result. In addition, my second suggestion, which is to pass the community vote and then get the admin's approval, will satisfy people. Being able to intervene in the game and some rule violations in the game will increase people's bond with the game and I think it will cause an increase in the rate of complying with the rules, because those who follow the accepted rules will warn those who do not comply and make people understand what is wrong and what is right. It will make it easier to get information about. For example, in today's convoys, as you call Christmas Convoys, people did not know that overtaking was wrong, I wrote to the chat many times, but no one cared. But the admins only realized it after they punished a few people for this. If this incident had an instant voting system, many people who received kicks after thinking that x player overtook me and then got kicked would not have received unnecessary kicks.
  23. Of course, cutting your suggestion is the answer. I may have misunderstood, but I will not write an answer without reading your suggestion. I pointed out the parts of your suggestion that would cause errors. I tried to say this in my previous article, if someone hits me and I fall on the side road, if the system will kick me, this system will work incorrectly. The system you propose will be problematic on roads with 2 lanes, one going and the other returning. A parameter such as a timer can be set to prevent this problem.
  24. I think the Skodas in the game were added to protect and guide long and wide vehicles. However, they are currently used for every purpose except this function. That's why they can't exceed a certain speed, or a few players can come together and form a group to use 1 truck and 2 skodas (escorts).
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