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  1. Hey, yes it is allowed as long as you dont spam (not more then 3 times the same messages per minute)
  2. The good old times :P

  3. Happy Birthday :P

    1. Cytanes


      Thank you ;) 

  4. ♪ Happy Birthday ♫tenor.gif

    1. Cytanes


      Thank you :) 

  5. Happy Birthday! :) 



  6. Thank you for your follow :wub:

    1. #null


      Thx for your follow too !!!:P

  7. Happy birthday mate. Enjoy your day. ;) 

    1. Cytanes


      Thank you, I will do so :) 

  8. Hey TruckersMP Family i am back from my two days vacation. Ahh btw nice new Report System :) 



      Welcome again. Every innovation is an advantage :D

    2. LordBenji


      Yes really cool :) I used it to report someone purposely blocking with his car.

  9. Thank you for your follow :wub:

    1. BlocKing


      Thank you to :)

  10. Good morning TruckersMP. How is everyone today? :)

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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. LordBenji


      Ohhh I'm feeling good, because I don't work tomorrow :D 

  11. Thank you for your follow <3 :) 

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    2. Cytanes


      Thank you :) 

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      :D im back from work haha  so where were we :P  i have my shopping trolley  lol  its filled with dlc  haha  


      oh no  whats this  a  farming sim dlc?  :D thanks gabe haha  jks  


       ill follow  you to :P  

    4. Cytanes


      @SimulatorExperiencer Thank  you for your follow to :) 

  12. Thank you for following me, my friend. :)

    1. Cytanes


      No problem

  13. Hello TruckersMP family. I wish you all a really nice day without an accident. ;) 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. BigLarge


      Hello my friend! I hope you do not accident. Happy Trucking! :):)

    3. LordBenji


      Thank you! There was no accident at my work two days ago. But accidents in the truck game will happen if there are bad drivers.

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