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  1. Thank you, about 3, its not a bug ( hired drivers will never work in MP)
  2. Do you use same profile in Single player? Try to run older save in Single player
  3. well...exactly...when you go to a company, all jobs(trailers) avaiable to you have no names above them
  4. Happened to me too, I believe someone got his job while you was in a non-collision zone and the trailer got launched into the air
  5. Oh well...Lets start with the easiest possible: Lower Scaling and disable pedestrians - usually theese 2 eat a lot of cpu power (in SP, your game has to load 1 HD truck and a lot of low-quality AIs, in MP mod, you get nothing but HD truck models)
  6. 2 in 1 eh?What are your game settings, do you run any programs that eat a lot of ram/cpu ?
  7. 5.4 out of 8 is a lot - every other thing that runs on background eats RAM too
  8. because in multiplayer, you have 1500 players in "HD" truck models + tuning Check if you crash in cities with less players
  9. Thanks for the report, We are aware of the issue (e.g. this topic), I doubt it will be fixed while we are in alpha stage
  10. it wants you to show it where ETS2 is installed (click on Browse button, find ETS2's foolder)
  11. i believe it happens when the process takes too much power for the PC to handle and it stops responding - better restart the game on every 2-3 jobs, so you won't randomly freeze and be forced to start current job all over again
  12. nearly 2 weeks w/o answer by Author, mooving to "won't fix"
  13. Possible reason: you load a save while you are connected to the server, but your client doesn't re-send info about your trailer, so server thinks you don't have the trailer anymore.
  14. its known bug and its test if weather is getting synced
  15. pictures don't load for me
  16. When you get stuck in such way that you block the road, they ask you to rescue to sevice
  17. играта излиза пъти по-евтино от пушенето
  18. http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/17-how-to-downgrade-ets2-to-supported-version/ moved to Help section
  19. Аз във сървъра съм като всички останали(само във форума съм модератор), пък и едва ли специално за 30-40 човека някой ще дойде, ако има още 2500 онлайн
  20. Keep in mind that there's no economy system(yet) and companies are all in all a group/clan of people with same tags(some of them have stats tracking - jobs done, KMs driven etc.)
  21. Everything that needs time to be done(fast-travelling, rescuing to service, sleeping, driving), forces the game to refresh jobs -it doesn't work in single player, because server controls the gametime Play in single player - for example do a quick job Everybody gets that problem - as mentioned above, they just go in single player and game fixes itself
  22. Ние не знаем още колко хора сме общо в мулти така са го измислили, че няма значение кой ще се заеме
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