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  1. Mod Version: Version 0.1.4 R2 Controllers Used: Defender challenge mini Description of Issue: 1) Time does not work. 6:01 all time. 2) Due to the fact that time is not working traffic lights do not work. 3) Players do not see each other. 4) One goes in front, and behind him is going the other player. For the first player, the second player is very far behind. And for the second player the first player is very close. 5) Players sometimes just disappear and appear. How to reproduce: sometimes Screenshots / Videos: http://vk.com/video-73631298_171314945
  2. Mod Version: Version 0.1.4 Controllers Used: Defender challenge mini Description of Issue: the players do not see each other. This leads to collisions with invisible players. not the settings work with a range of drawing players. How to reproduce: Just go on the roads.
  3. lags - 4:53, 8:07, 9:56, 10:29 Earlier it was not so. The convoy is very difficult to drive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prqS2T0h1HA
  4. In singleplayer everything works well. The game freezes only in multiplayer.
  5. Lags, lags everywhere.

  6. Mod Version: Version 0.1.3 R2 Controllers Used: Defender challenge mini Description of Issue: The lag happens when the game AutoSave. How to reproduce:I have every AutoSave freezes the game. In singleplayer everything works well, lags during AutoSave not. Screenshots / Videos: None. This appeared recently. In older versions of mod game there were no hang during autosave. DxDiag.txt
  7. Many players have seen with this bug. Players are not AFK. They go, but shows like the trailer when separated.
  8. Please increase to at least the time until the auto kick. 15 minutes will be fine. Because after a long trip in a convoy I even 10 minutes can't relax. And so many people complain. And even now often jumping ping. Previously, it was 80-90, now 150-100.
  9. Please make more powerful server. Played yesterday and were very large logs. Often high ping. Sometimes the game can simply disconnect from the server. Previously, this was not. And please make a checkmark on the login screen in the game to keep the password.
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