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  1. in the last MP patch they worked consistently. time passed with them as well as bank loans etc.. for instance I could do a Birmingham - Debrecen.. maybe even back too and once back I have my money for both jobs, plus any income from the staff. I have 19 employees, 4 companies and 20 trucks. all working and earning money ! until now the biggest problem is of course the de-sync as it causes multiple problems and it seems im not the only experiencing it ? and I know its completely off subject but any chance of a disable autosave option ?? I don't get it myself but many others will freeze up mid journey and cause accidents that way too
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    Mod version 1.4 alpha Controllers : Logitech Drive FX steering wheel Description of issue: 1. trailers dissappear on others trucks 2. other trucks dissappear but still act as if they are there, causing sudden crashes and stops. 3. all employees have 3000+ hours to finish there drop. How to reproduce: just general gameplay ! Video/Screenshot: Will Follow
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