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  1. hello i just updated to the new version for 1.18 and when I launch multiplayer single player shows up. What is up?? Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit
  2. Guys what does it mean somebody joins a company? I drive really well i got skill on the game anyone wants to recruit me ?
  3. Hello truckers. Is it just me or the remember password checkbox does not actually remember the password ?
  4. glad to hear that. I ll follow ur lead. Thanks
  5. Guys help please I log in to my account and as i hit drive after the connection is established the game crashes....... (i have my own truck) HEEEELP
  6. well i got a loan and as i was driving it happened again once...
  7. The quick job function. I do not have my own truck yet.
  8. Guys when i drop off a cargo and i hit continue to the xp dialog game crashes and gives me an error steam has stoped working.
  9. When i download it and try to open the archive i get an error . can somebody send me another link to download it ?
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