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  1. hello i just updated to the new version for 1.18 and when I launch multiplayer single player shows up. What is up?? Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit
  2. So what is the ingame purpose of the car? Players gonna ride it and report drivers ?
  3. what i mean is when you rotate your head the wheel is streering to the direction of your head?
  4. yeah but when you are not holding it as you rotate your head the wheel should be steering as i understand.. isn't it ??..
  5. Hello guys I recently made a DIY track ir with some LEDs. It worked really good with the ets2.But in order for it to work i put the output from freetrack to the mouse and in the ingame settings i chose use mouse to view around the cabin. But I would like to drive with the mouse as it is more accurate and i am most used to it. Is that possible? THanks
  6. Guys what does it mean somebody joins a company? I drive really well i got skill on the game anyone wants to recruit me ?
  7. Hello truckers. Is it just me or the remember password checkbox does not actually remember the password ?
  8. I just created a mod for euro 6daf and a transmition with 18 gears check it out hope u like it download here: http://adf.ly/wH5iY
  9. glad to hear that. I ll follow ur lead. Thanks
  10. Guys help please I log in to my account and as i hit drive after the connection is established the game crashes....... (i have my own truck) HEEEELP
  11. well i got a loan and as i was driving it happened again once...
  12. The quick job function. I do not have my own truck yet.
  13. Guys when i drop off a cargo and i hit continue to the xp dialog game crashes and gives me an error steam has stoped working.
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