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    Hey guys, Scandinavia DLC is coming out very soon so I was wondering how soon after release it will be available on MP, and which game version will be available with MP? Also iv'e heard about double trailers coming out with Scandinavia. Is this true? Thanks
  2. No change :/ Still constant crashing
  3. Ive got a good PC so my settings are maxed out, I dont usually run anything else at the same time, except Spotify maybe but thats not demading at all. My hardware is perfectly capable so i doubt its that at fault.
  4. Whenver I play nowadays the game always crashes, especially in busy areas. Its been doing it for a while now and I was hoping a patch would be released to solve this but it hasnt as of yet. When will there be a fix? Its starting to get rediculous now. MP used to work so nicely. Ah well.
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