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  1. nope, traffic lights are working for me
  2. I suspect its caused because windows limits the game to use max 3gb ram and now distance thingy measures more accurate
  3. Is it the same when there are less/lot people nearby ?
  4. also keep in mind that the API server now may get 2x more overloaded
  5. Dave, it may be called "simulator" but its still a game Report them on forum When 1) we have enough info about the crash; 2) when game doesn't crash because windows doesn't allow it to use more than 2(or 3)gb ram
  6. How are we supposed to tell you when even we don't know when it'll be?
  7. https://www.facebook.com/ets2mpofficial
  8. Yeh, it is allowed - http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/6812-allowed-mods/?p=50205
  9. Arguing, Arguing everywhere :(

    1. delboyspencer


      Same old same old

    2. XD Memes
    3. Rudiansyah [ID]

      Rudiansyah [ID]

      Get spirit FirestarteR93 =D

  10. aw Please, don't argue btw I noticed this, could it be damaged map file? I mean part of it is messed up and it doesn't load up properly? 00:00:27.343 : Map '/map/europe.mbd' loading started .... 00:00:29.625 : Map successfully loaded. 00:00:29.689 : Map load time: 2345ms (0 MB)
  11. savegame may affect game settings, that's why I asked > : ( xD
  12. So...Continuing: Possibly bugged savegame? (btw singeplayer works?)
  13. Veryfied game cache? Steam>Right click on game>Properties>Local files tab> Verify integrity of game cache
  14. FirestarteR93


    Breaking rules is the second step towards never getting mod.
  15. about 2) its Mp - with or without you online, time is ticking away, so at certain point you will be late
  16. Just to note: Happens with all binds, not only w/ steering - simply press the key again
  17. Wait a sec, that's my pic xD
  18. its not steam - Most likely its the API server, your firewall/antivirus blocks part of the info for game version, so it gives you the error, usually it fixes itself after few tries
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