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  1. ^And to explain why: Sometimes there are situations which result in a lot of accidents (e.g. that roadwork near Bergen when everyone was hyped about doubles) and thus it causes the amount of webreports to explode for literally couple of hours. If such situation happens with your suggestion, it will result in extreme delaying of the oldest reports.

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  2. Hai, as already said by Smalley, verb. warnings don't really matter - they are given for minor violations.


    Also I am more interested in people's skills, pros& cons than in their minor violations, so you don't have to worry unless you did something really bad.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, [ConSecGroup-GM] xXJDTVXx said:

    Really nice overview of the new team structure :) .  If you apply for Moderator and you get the "job", are you then Trial Game Moderator?


    No, there's no change to that - if apply and get accepted you will still have to get through Forum Moderator, Media or Trial Support before getting any rank with in-game duties

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  4. 1 minute ago, DrEGZo said:


    But Discord Mod is now a real rank? o_0


    As you said - Nope, at least not yet:

    Due to the nature of Public Discord's moderation (because its basically 1 huge chat which requires to have a lot of mods) the changes there will be slightly delayed.

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  5. Green = the ban is valid and less than 1 year old

    yellow = ban is over 1 year old

    red = ban is issued incorrectly (fail with IDs, not worth a ban etc.)



    Basically the difference between green & yellow determines the effect of this rule:

    §6 How bans are issued

    The first 3 bans issued are at admin discretion.

    The 4th ban is 1 month.

    The 5th ban is 3 months.

    The 6th ban is permanent with no chance of undo.

    Any bans further than 12 months before the current ban are ignored under this rule. This is considered the cooling off period.

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  6. ^He means at forum - the in-game punishments are only 2 - kicks & bans


    As @ThatCrazyPillow said, they are not deleted, however they expire after 1 month and sit in your history as record of your violation.

    (in addition, they are usually issued for minor offences which certain user keeps repeating)

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  7. Hai, Upon registering, you have agreed with our rules, terms of service and privacy policy which clearly state, that violating them may bring severe consequences and that


    The servers, mod and admins are provided free of charge for everyone and in that sense, everyone is a guest on the servers and it is a privilege that can be removed at any time.

    And as such guests, we expect from everyone to behave properly on the services, provided by TruckersMP.


    Due to the reasons above, Your suggestions will have to be rejected.

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  8. (and just to add some things to prevent possible misunderstanding)


    8 hours ago, Kiina // Chinezen ^_^ said:

    @FirestarteR93 I think that users use English to give feedback, and it reflects fairness and principle,because other senior administrators can read it

                                     Of course, some users don't use English, but it doesn't affect their feedback, they can use translation tools to express, at least people can read most of the content, this is possible

                                     Please note that you are now Moderation Team Leader, and we can clearly feel the permissions you have on the forums, which is quite high, and even you can edit the rules of the game(The rules of the game are the job of the project manager. I've never seen any community manager reply to that part, but you replied there)

                                    Only by insisting on fairness and principle can senior managers serve the users better

                                    by the way, I think you're an excellent administrator, and we believe you'll be a community manager later, but now, keep it up



    oh trust me, it does affect it a lot (google is really horrible for translating large texts - on some occasions we had to guess what is the exact meaning of user's message)


    About my role & permissions - people say "with great power comes great responsibility" - I am responsible for everything that happens on the forum, so I try to keep eye on everything that's going on around here


    (about my post in the in-game rules, It was meant to be deleted and re-posted by higher ranked - back then I was away while the rules got changed, however when I came back 2 days later, I noticed that the topic at the forum was not updated for some reason or it was just forgotten. Unfortunately there was no CM/PM online, so I was sitting and wondering if i should leave it be, which potentially could've resulted in people being banned due to outdated information or to make the post by myself)

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  9. Hai,

    Different categories are already planned, however this


    Moderation Team Leader can only view complaints from users on moderators

    Support Team Leader can only view user complaints about support personnel

    Media Team Leader can only view users' complaints about media members

    is not really good idea, because e.g. I am the only one who can translate feedbacks to/from Russian, Lightofgod is the only one who knows Turksih and so on.


    and about complaining from CMs/PMs - we can't claim report/complaint against ourselves, so such reports are directly forwarded to PM/Devs.

    In other words its pretty much (unofficially) sorted out already in such way, that if you dare to abuse, you get insta-kicked.

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