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  1. Released

    thank you! have been waiting for ghost mode interval for some time now people don't have much excuse for "oh I forgot I was on the road when I spawned". great updates keep em coming!
  2. Anyone know good recording programs?

    ^ Never encountered said bugs ever while using Nvidia Shadowplay. Has always been smooth for me. Could it be due to a lack of memory space that is having such an effect .. since you claim to be recording for long periods of time?
  3. Make cars easier to handle (if possible)

    Cars are easy to handle at all bends and at all roads. If you have trouble controlling, be it keyboard or other controls.. learn to slow down and learn to drive less recklessly, which includes less speeding. Gain experience while taking note of which speeds go well with what degrees of bends. This is a driving/truck simulator, not a racing game/GTA.. Think more positively and don't forget that you should appreciate the fact that we get to enjoy a "car model" to drive in a non-car-intended game.
  4. TruckersMP Launcher Launcher

    awesome, thank you for the user friendly features!
  5. What mods should I download to go alongside of Promods 2.20?

    You could try a few of these which I personally use and like/love (all of which are Promods compatible): For graphics: For truck physics: For GPS/Map: (Light version) (Dark Version) For AI traffic: I'm using jazzycat's AI traffic pack which can be found in the same link ALTUNSOY gave ^ / google also works For sounds: (ETS2 Only) That's about it.. other mods I use are accessories which you can slowly filter through the millions of mods just to find the ones you like haha, enjoy
  6. ATS delivery event is up on World of Trucks and due 3rd December, enjoy

  7. If you have problem with trailer ..(when you have speed)

    Being able to control your vehicle while driving recklessly is still reckless driving, mate. and also, mate, it was a reckless overtake because right after you overtook him, both your truck and trailer went over the left lane lining and into the other lane upon which you were overtaking, which meant he had to slow down for you in order to avoid collision. You simply shot yourself in the head by uploading the video maybe learn to drive and to keep to your lane when overtaking and doing a proper overtake with proper distance in future before providing advice on how one should control his/her trucks+trailers at high speeds.
  8. define game in more details regarding your title or your description in post. game is by SCS. mod is by TMP. many seem to keep getting their facts mixed up and think they're 1 team altogether. so assuming what you mean by game, is good imo. if i assume "what do you think of the TMP mod", no huge complaints too. with MP, you get many different views on how improvements can be made, suggestions you never thought of may pop up here and there be it improving gameplay or whatnot so its good to keep your mind open
  9. Why are less people playing ATS multiplayer?

    it's a simulator after all. not meant to be anything fancy in the first place. which is why many sim games can't keep up with the hype trends set by other games as most people unconsciously cross-genre and speak of comparison when naming no content or boring. you either dig it.. or you don't. many THINK they dig it.. but end up in disappointment.
  10. If you have problem with trailer ..(when you have speed)

    Honestly it depends a lot on other factors.. like the kind of engine and the weight of that trailer etc etc how many degrees a bend you're taking and at what speed you're taking take the bend at etc etc etc.. this generalisation of "comfortable driving" is wrong in so many ways due to the specifics and details left out. Video shows very reckless driving and should be discouraged as it brings more negativity on the roads compared to the opposite of what we should be doing for this current community and for the new people who join us or the people who return back to TMP. if more people drive like this, more bans await them the moment they cause an accident, even if they say sorry. well.. #sorrybutnotsorry if i'm recording
  11. Truckers.FM #TWO

    Congratulations on turning 2! All the best for the events 2!
  12. In-Game call

    Nice feature to have +1 but what if after having it, people begin to feel the want of having "conference calls".. we might all go back to saying: "use discord/ts......" If possible, maybe increase the number of CB channels so that the chances of you and your friends having a conversation might not overlap with others'.. i.e number of channels to a balanced ratio towards average number of players within each server and the average number being calculated perhaps, over a month's statistics. If not possible, I would enjoy seeing this implemented too.
  13. Frightfest 2017 - Phantom Spooktacular!

    looking forward to see all of you there!
  14. Cheesy Question

    ETS2: 678hrs ATS: 415hrs