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  1. Return of our weekly ATS standard convoys beginning of 2018 after our break for the Holiday season And.. more to follow
  2. A high-vis fun themed convoy we had recently And.. wishing everyone a Happy New Year out there on behalf of GlobEx
  3. Massive Ingame Lags

    Tried it. Used the tool ^. I updated the drivers categorised under "This PC Only" and "Network Only". ATS time occurrence got worse. Now it happens every 3 seconds. As for ETS2, the spike is delayed and happens every 10 seconds for me now. EDIT: Would like to add that I have season effects turned off ever since I started playing start of 2017 and currently with the winter mod installed. I also tried F1 on the installer and removed the winter mod, but the issue still stands. Previously was a spike occurrence of 5 seconds for both ATS & ETS2. GTAV, GTAVOnline, ATS-SP, ETS2-SP working completely fine with ultra/high settings and continuous 60-63FPS.
  4. No mod active...

    Hmm.. which is why there's a suggestion sub-forum and a search function in the forums. I'm sure you could have found this easily during your 3 years here....
  5. Reporting system does not respond

    @Towndrunk Depends on the intentions of each specific player. You might enjoy the trolls and their actions, or find it amusing.. find it fun. Whatever it is, others might not. Having a report system is a safeguard to counter against ^. Even in another game such as GTAV where trolls are x1762354182 than here, the report system is there and helpful for those who need it. We humans are different in all sort of ways, hence this is really not needed: "The game" in this case will be different for everyone, so from a game dev's POV, you have to take into account what works for all sides, or come up with ways to at least, allow different types of players to enjoy their intended gameplay and provide countermeasures.
  6. Massive Ingame Lags

    @TheBigK02, Thank you for this post. I thought I was alone. I have EXACTLY the same problem which now exists after the recent hacking patches as well. This happens also without even logging into the TMP Client. Haven't found a way to solve this issue yet. And yes... all the above solutions/help are not working. An extra step which a friend helped me out with was to do a clean wipe of my NVIDIA driver and reinstall it again. That too unfortunately, didn't work. And before you ask, yes I did the same as you and followed the above solutions as I was also just trying to desperately solve the issue. And last thing about the same weird occuring FPS drop+spike, it happens EXACTLY every 5 seconds. In addition, like yourself, I play GTAV/GTAVOnline, Guild Wars 2, ETS/ATS on ultra settings with really realllllllllly good FPS. It's only when I start the TMP client and the moment I click ATS/ETS2, this happens, WITHOUT even logging in to any accounts or profiles. The issue basically begins at startup. I'm now down to 2 options, either the issue exists due to the recent NVIDIA update... or it's the client, sadly. For now, I'll just have to miss my convoys or even playing MP Also, this occured once - while I tried just playing without bothering about the issue. It led to a blue screen.. after playing ATSMP for about 2hours (sorry I forgot to see which blue screen error was that) But yeah.. so it could be a bug with the NVIDIA driver (if that makes sense? I'm sorry I'm not a techie) Same friend said my driver was fried and probably needs to be changed but I doubt it, as above, I even left other games on for more than half a day, and it's fine. Lastly, I believe another friend in my VTC is also having the same issue. He too uses NVIDIA.
  7. Good mo..


    nvm me...

    1. Ajith18592


      Good Night :P.Happy weekend :D

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      Hustler #1

      Sometimes it's just better to pull the pillow back over and call it a day!! Lol :<)


  8. ATSMP Status Update

    @{???????} - *Yura* Search feature: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/search/ Help: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/
  9. ATSMP Status Update

    The latest.
  10. You might want to update your MP Client. What you have said above is outdated as of this current second. As for your ideas, kindly wait and read here:
  11. Report Response Times

    @GGF MD Regarding report scoring: https://truckersmp.com/blog/44 @K1ng XCVII Regarding 1-2 days & 5 days: 1-2 is just you being lucky (out of the other millions of users waiting even longer).. due to certain protocols and coincidence. 5 also isn't long tbh but we are working on it. As for the holiday reason, I can assure you web-reports are being handled rather rapidly now after the holiday season has passed. That's enough information to be passed on. Kind regards.
  12. New protocol for handling ghost mode abuse

    This then brings back the suggestion/discussion regarding adding a ban rule for road spawners, since it's basically similar. You might want to refer to this: By units, I believe OP means the vehicle hitbox. Hence -1 for yours, as I find his suggestion more viable in this sense. Kind regards.
  13. ^ More of getting rid of the standard practice or norm (if you will) with regards to the fight against trolls. Also allows people whose intentions are to move toward a more realistic environment (EU1) to be able to have a command that comes in handy, JUST IN CASE it's needed. After all if you are one of those diehard realistic peeps, you can choose not to use it at all. Imho, new things are good to try out. There's pros and cons for everything in life. I'd give it a chance myself.
  14. Great leader, great friend.

    Thank you for every piece of helpful guidance along the way as always :)

    All the best with your rl. Well wishes to the fam and I hope you'll ace whatever new thing/(s) it is.



  15. What a great way to start off the New Year with a bang! :wub:


    especially to all my followers and your families. Thank you all for your support!

    Enjoy your countdown parties with lots fireworks and AvWXVjK.png!!

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      Thank you and Same to you.I guess you have already entered 2018 but i have to wait still 6 hours 50 mins to enter 2018:P

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      Hello MATE Happy New Year ENJOY IT AND BE HAPPY!  ^_^^_^

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      Hustler #1

      You got my vote brother. Have a happy & a healthy New Year!! :<)