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  1. Flagship ONE - DAY ONE (ETS2)

    See y'all there on both days. Thanks for hosting and happy birthday to FE in advance
  2. Whoops sorry about that, read it too fast and missed out the words 'why not'
  3. Yup, that's my whole point of suggestion actually. Because having such transparency will allows us users to see if there was a mistake even made. Now your opinion is based on the fact that you as a staff member can actually view the results, that's why you can say the above quote. But when you stand from our standpoint where such information is hidden, it basically doesn't give us a chance to know even, if a mistake was made.. except for when you receive the "negative" reason. Here is another example: What if the admin gives a declined report, but it is a good report and he states in his/her comments "Thank you for the report, user is already banned. Evidence added and taken into consideration for duration of ban. But he presses (or whatever IGAs do for the rating) the negative report button. ---> Because we can't view the result, we didn't even know we received a negative point there (yes/no?). I only state this example because with the results hidden, we don't know what's going on behind the scenes.. I hope you understand what I mean and the perspective of which I'm speaking of.
  4. Suggestion Name: Revealing the rating status of our submitted and finished web-reports: Positive or Negative Suggestion Description & Why It Should Be Added: Information from @Anriandor states that the positive / negative results of the reports we submit are only being openly revealed to TMP staff currently. What I am suggesting basically is transparency. Transparency that we as community users get to view the results as well as the reports are submitted through our personal TMPID / Account. Even though a small suggestion, I hope to be able to trust the team more by being able to view said results and that the 0.5 or 0.2 scoring as declared is actually on point. Not trying to be calculative or anything but I feel that having such transparency is important to have trust being given both ways. Any Example Images: (Colours NOT necessary.. just used to show the examples) Example 1: Either as the picture shows or a line below the status (Green for Positive / Red for Negative) Example 2: GREEN arrow UP or THUMBS UP ICON indicating positive report, and a RED arrow DOWN or THUMBS DOWN ICON representing a negative report result. Thank you for your time.
  5. New Report scoring

    @Anriandor ah alright, didn't know that it's revealed to the staff only currently.. (wanted to make sure what is revealed to staff and what is revealed to public before throwing it into the suggestions) yup no worries I understand the suggestion thread requirements well I'll add it there then. Thanks for the fast reply! Cheers
  6. New Report scoring

    Hi TMP team, after a few days of trying out the new report system.. with regards to this... is it possible to reveal the positive / negative report result here under the status like maybe with a bracket? Example 1: Decline (Positive) or Decline (Negative) with the reason for negative in the comments Example 2: Placing a thumbs up / down icon to signify the positive/negative result of that particular report next to status given on the page. The admin who dealt with this report was not wrong, it was a good report and that I know I received the positive report result.. just that user was just banned and the evidence was added.. but could we have some transparency as to view which reports gets the positive and which gets the negative? Or does it work in a way that if the admin didn't state it is a negative report (since I haven't got any yet), it will always be positive? Or should I actually take this down to the suggestions sub-forums in order to get a poll done? Best regards, MettleMeat.
  7. 'Revamped' In-Game Reporting

    -1. Not the best suggestion in my life, lol Doing so would create extra double work which isn't necessary. What we need is a bigger forum mod/IGA team.. not another split team who can only sort out the massive amount of reports coming in. Imo, the team needs to open up their trust circle first. Trust works both ways the way I see it. No point continuously using the term 'trust' when the community sees the growing amount of people complaining about the need while nothing effective is done. Since IGAs usually say they may not even have time to take a drive, I see a need to distribute the workload with the many other trustworthy people here.. at least put the ones who can commit to the team to trial through the moderator team or something like that and then move forward to allow the IGA team to grow simultaneously with the rate the TMP community is growing as to be able to balance out the need. Best regards, MettleMeat.
  8. Players In-game upgrades

    ^ Likewise.. as said from my initial post .. wrong forum: Take it to SCS Forums for your idea too, as it has to do with the base game. TMP is just a third party "unofficial" mod, not an "official" mod done by SCS. Best regards, MettleMeat.
  9. Maximum Speed for cars

    Which in turn will lead us to other threads with education / driving tests / guides placed on: Help / Guides and sometimes even Discussions and that such education is available anywhere on the internet really or that within TMP is already implemented or currently suggested.. so really.. the problem many of us know already is actually really simple. It's a simulator / it's a simulated game / it's a game .. and you know what? Nothing matters the moment us players take up the wheel and start our MP client. OP may want to pin the blame on the speed, others may want to pin the blame on the trucks, others may want to pin the blame on loss of control, others may want to blame it on cars, others may want to blame keyboard drivers. But the question we all miss really, is ultimately what ONE SINGLE CONTRIBUTING FACTOR does all these blaming factors have in common? And the answer is very simple; THE Driver - you, him, her, I, and ANY other player who basically agreed to TMP's rules and downloaded the TMP client. Proper and mature players will then take the initiative to try to improve the current issues we face against kiddy and troll-y behaviour but then again, we all keep reminding each other that at the end of the day, it's not gonna matter because if said player just has the intentions of doing so.. no education here or anywhere else on the internet is going to have effect on the end result. So I've come to a realisation that none of such suggestions is gonna work much at all, really (and sadly). Which will brings us to bans and the whole long list of etc etc etc etc etc bla bla bla. If you feel frustrated, please support and join us avid reporters. Start recording, start reporting, & you might find you actually begin to feel much more relaxed, lol (and yes, that means I don't even have to chat or say anything *********** to anyone or even talk on the CB radio, all I care now is my in-game radio with my own stations and truckersFM) And especially for the newcomers who take the simulated MP game seriously to a certain extent like many of us here, try to set a hotkey for your quick-save button and pick up the habit of using your quick-save button at NCZs or road shoulders at multiple intervals throughout your journey. 1. Record & relax. 2. Quicksave as many times as you want SAFELY throughout your journey. 3. When crap occurs to you, quickly grab the /pinfo or report in-game - Now in-game menu has TMP and Steam ID attached which makes me really glad that I can't miss out anyone) 4. Then reload back to your last save-point (YES to killing 2 birds with 1 stone - Troll gets banned and you get out scot free 0%damage to truck and 0%damage to trailer) 5. TMP ID given to you again if in-game report surpasses 10mins left unattended. 6. From there, just take your recording, and upload onto youtube (or whatever works for you) and file your web report. TMP basically provided you with everything else you need to go with your report. (IDs & Time) You may look at my forum signature to see how I personally do it. After you do these steps, I hope you will find peace hahahaha. At least I do, and in fact I love it when clowns think they can fool me because ultimately, I'm getting the last laugh - which helps me relax too So -1 to suggestion. Like irl, when you switch to another vehicle model and you find the driving experience different, it is the same here virtually so to speak. Learn to control, less blaming, enjoy the drive and ultimately, when crap happens, the reason lies with who was behind the wheel (at least in this situation). Best regards, MettleMeat.
  10. Players In-game upgrades

    ^ yup. It is understood what safe quick-save intervals throughout your journey meant. It IS safe. + you don't have to stop by the side all the time, many drivers who have been practicing this habit for a long time knows that when the road ahead and/or at the back of them is clear, all we do is indicate our lights towards the road shoulder, quick save button and indicate back out onto road to continue on our way to save time or whatever other reasons. Note this practice is only for the simulator and TMP as there are no rules that state we are not allowed to do that. And this also does not simulate a real life situation because in some countries doing such a thing is indeed a crime itself.
  11. Not sure for an ultimate +1/-1. +1 because the optional choice is great I guess.. since it gives the community more options with regards to how they want their gameplay or how realistic they want their gameplay to be. -1 because unticking "show players on map" to have a more realistic experience anyway so shouldn't that also give you the realistic experience players would seem to yearn for, even for overtaking or not being able to see further beyond what they can? Like irl, there are no dots to represent commuters on the roads, be it within clear sight or not and that it boils down to overtaking only when very sure the path in front of them is clear. But yes, I do understand what you mean and that you only want the realistic experience within your radius of sight and that because it's a simulator, you don't mind having dots to simulate the other half of non-realistic gameplay outside your radius at the same time. Idk.. but goodluck with your suggestion Best regards, MettleMeat.
  12. Players In-game upgrades

    With regard to OP's suggestion and the quote above, TMP is not supposed to benefit or gain any money off the game as mentioned by both TMP and SCS, so sadly won't be happening. The only way this would work is getting SCS to create an official DLC package through their forums (which probably wouldn't be favoured much also because others will then complain about losing the realism factor etc etc... and the list will go on as the simulator is based off single player and there are already non-official mods for said issue). Hence, -1. A solution for now is to try picking up the habit of using your quick-save button (the one you can customise to your liking in your settings) and quick-save at different safe intervals throughout your journey. Record, report, and relax. I feel that we need more people recording and doing such safe quick-saves in order to rid the trolls at a faster rate and at the same time, having said trolls cause us 0% damage as all we need to do after the accident is reload back to that safe place. Best regards, MettleMeat.
  13. to admins: Adding bantime when user is already banned

    I can't agree w/ that, cuz I am staff member, but I also can't disagree I hope there's a solution for this soon too. Already 3 of them got away with their "crimes" because I didn't wanna stalk their accounts with regards to a permanent ban made 15-30mins earlier than my reports for having inappropriate name tags in-game. With regards to OP's suggestion, I see it working already. Maybe just met the wrong admin who dealt with the report like what some have said. Mention it to upper staff if reported player deserves the extension of ban he didn't receive. Goodluck! Best regards, MettleMeat.
  14. Good Report System

    Hi, -1. Although I like the pitch, imagine a bunch of trolls/friends/vtc continuously giving good rep to each other while they are in fact a reckless/trolley bunch or if an admin is one of them too. There will be potential abusers who will simply discredit the integrity of having such a system, sadly. People/Other admins will then be believing in falsified rep and think they're dealing with good people when in actual fact, they could be the opposite of "good". Best regards, MettleMeat.
  15. Automatically detect when a Skoda has a trailer

    +1, that way admins can focus on other issues at hand.. those extra few seconds/minutes can be accumulated to provide them with more time to spend on other perpetrators. Even though I'm not sure if this is possible since the "car" is technically considered a truck game-wise. But yes I hope it is possible nonetheless.