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  1. Love you wifeyyyyyyyyy 😍

  2. I like driving on both for different reasons: Busy roads for the challenging aspect, drivers are unpredictable and you need patience. But it can be fun! Empty roads, if I just want a nice quiet drive to enjoy the scenery and take photos.
  3. Hey, if you are playing single player the traffic will be simulated (AI), you can turn this off if you wish however. On Multiplayer (TMP) there is no AI traffic, so the traffic you see will be other players. You can enjoy multiplayer with a group of friends of just driving around on your own as it is a great way to meet fellow drivers If there was AI traffic on TMP, it would be even more chaotic. Hope this helps
  4. Thanks for hosting another great convoy! One of the few times I have enjoyed driving on ATS.
  5. Unfortunately there is less players on ATS so the demand for an Arcade Server didn't warranty its necessity.
  6. VR would be quite hard to implement in a game like this.
  7. I drive in 1st person whilst moving and use 3rd person for parking, or if at standstill to see what's going on around me.
  8. The g29 is a good wheel as is the g920 which is the one I use. The g29 is made for compatibility with the playstation whilst the other xbox. I would lean more towards the g920 just because it has caused less problems for users since the compatibilty with Windows is better. But then if you want to use a playstation with your wheel by all means go with the g29.
  9. Cars bring a different aspect to the game and enable people to roleplay, for example like escorting. Not ALL car drivers are trolls, and I'm pretty sure there is a server you can play on with NO cars. When you get trolled by a car, create a report either ingame or on the web and they will soon pay for their actions is necessary. Removing cars, won't solve the issue of trolls, as they will just use trucks instead.
  10. ProMods adds a different aspect to the game and enables you to have a bigger map to explore. I would recommend it especially since they have now added compatibility with TMP and there are lots of little secrets that you can discover, not to mention the scenery is just something special and something you will thoroughly enjoy!
  11. Bonjour à tous! Je suis Neli et je joue à ce jeu depuis 3 ans. Je n'étais pas une grande passionée de camions, mais ce jeu a déclenché une etincelle. J'ai commencé avec un clavier, ensuite un contrôleur et j'utilise maintenant une roue Logitech G920. J'ai rencontré beaucoup de gens formidables grâce à ce jeu et j'ai grandi en tant que personne grâce à la communauté. Je suis à l'université en Angleterre en 2ème année et j'étudie l'informatique. Bonne route et n'hésiter pas à dire bonjour si vous me croiser en route
  12. I would definitely recommend getting this DLC, or any others for that matter. Once again the team have done a fantastic job at represented to the best of their ability a realistic representation of the country and cities. I feel with each DLC, they just get better and better and make something UNIQUE that hasn't been in game previously.
  13. There was a bug with F7, but it is now fixed and you can now use F7 as normal
  14. Lag could be due to a number of things to be honest. I would suggest try using a different USB port or completely reinstalling the drivers for your mouse. Also are you using a mousepad? Make sure the surface is clean.. Let me know if any of these help.
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