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  1. Been playing since 18 WoS and will continue to play long after MP is gone
  2. Greetings trying to PM you about reinstating our VTL posts but you don't seem to have a Send Message button like others?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. [LazyT] MetalDragon

      [LazyT] MetalDragon

      Think you misunderstand no one is banned or needs reporting you closed our ATS/ETS2 company threads with a msg to PM you to get them put back but as I said there seems to be no way to "PM" you, so do I need to talk/PM to someone els maybe LIGHTOFGOD? to get threads taken out of archive.



    3. White Wolf.

      White Wolf.

      Nah everything is fine just watched for that.

      You should report this "post" and write behind the report you want

      to have reopend it, that was what i was talking about^^.


      ~White Wolf~

    4. [LazyT] MetalDragon

      [LazyT] MetalDragon

      aha...thanks reports sent :)

  3. Hope I'm not too late, good luck every one
  4. LazyT Will be there but probably turn up late with being Lazy and all
  5. What happened to company? Kicked out of discord, website not working... Weird...

  6. I thought Spawn protection was already a thing am sure I saw it in a update some time ago where you had NC for like 10 secs when you spawn in...did I miss read it or did it get taken out?
  7. This new report system imo is one of the best updates made in a long time nice work guys
  8. Very cool though money seems to be a bit to high and could be a problem for some VTC's like in ATS can now earn over 1 mill for a job lol..
  9. One other easy way is to click on truck dealer and visit a truck dealer and then just leave and most times this will refresh the jobs, it don't work every time but for me it works 8/10 times
  10. Yes just tonight after not playing much ETS2 MP much for a long while (Been playing ATSMP and have never had a problem) I did a long run in ETS2 MP and forgot what a mad house it is and just how much you need to record your session even though 95% of the trip was crazy but fun only at the end did I come across a rammer and wish I had been recording. I reported him in game but I know now next time I play I will be recording
  11. Well after all the feedback and suggestions have decided for now to go with TrucksBook has anyone els used them or is still there? only problem I have had with the site is while trying to create and update some forms after you hit enter or save it seems to not take and forum reverts back on it self or go's blank but I think that may be my end with Windows 10 as have some problem at times on Facebook and youtube but that's a whole other story maybe one say I have the $ to get TruckNet and a paid server to host it but for now this seems to be just what I'm Looking for but knowing my luck with stuff like this it will shut down just as I'm getting really into it lol.
  12. So I'm in the process of making a new VTC (The Lazy Truckers) so far have 5 members using http://ats.virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/1275 but it has some lacking features I would like to see, so I started to look around found both Trucksbook and tour-o-matic both look good and have meany of said features I like but I also been trying out TruckData got the SDK to work on my site but as that only comes with the most basic live data that show on site I would have to ether buy Trucknet and use the plugin for TDL that I really don't have the $$ for or blow the dust of my old PHP/MySQL books and learn to build my own (that I will do one day) but atm just looking for a good VTC manager and just want to ask what every one thinks is the best and most active and supported atm, I did read somewhere (Trucksim I think) that StuartD might let the his old Trucknet free vir become Open Source so that would be a option So ones I have found and looking at atm are mainly Virtual Truck Manager, Trucksbook and tour-o-matic whats best to go with and/or are there others?
  13. 7/10 very colorful and strangely liked it
  14. I'm the other way round I find SP boring it's predictable but when you play MP you never know what your going to come across or see even if I only see one or two other players on my trip it's still knowing that's a real life person and some of the crazy chit you see on the road can make any trip worth it. I remember the days before MP and thinking damn it would be cool if I was on the road with some other real life playesr and just few weeks after that thought MP came out in public Beta
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