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  1. How long do you play MP?

    Since the first days in 2014
  2. [15x ETS2/ATS DLC Giveaway] Members Giveaway

    Hope I'm not too late, good luck every one
  3. The Lazy Truckers

    Thanks trying to not look like every other VTC type of site out there that seem to use the same layout...that or I was just to Lazy to try
  4. Feb 11th Special Event

    LazyT Will be there but probably turn up late with being Lazy and all
  5. The Lazy Truckers

    @Roxul thanks for heads up I forgot to change the links on this one and welcome to the family
  6. The Lazy Truckers

    Thanks we are still growing now in the 80's looks like we might hit 100 before the end of the year
  7. What happened to company? Kicked out of discord, website not working... Weird...

  8. The Lazy Truckers

    Welcome to the Family hope you brought some Cookies with ya we all out
  9. The Lazy Truckers

    Have fixed link to Discord and website seems I was to Lazy to check it last time
  10. The Lazy Truckers

    So Lazy some of the links in OP was messed up...I have done the Very un LazyT thing and fixed em
  11. The Lazy Truckers

    Into the 70's our family just keeps growing
  12. The Lazy Truckers

    Now's as good time as any to join LazyT, our Logger https://tour-o-matic.net/company/1156 just had a huge update and imo is one of the best looking loggers out there with awesome fast support, we have 60+ drivers from all over the world and all ages. So if you want somewhere you want to drive on your time and with friends LazyT is the VTC for you where you decide how and when you play... With all that being said...here's a Screenshot of me flying!
  13. The Lazy Truckers

    Thanks we are now back to 50 members did have 60+ back on TB but moved to TOM and getting back in the grove and also now Beta testers for TOM
  14. The Lazy Truckers

    Welcome to the LazyT family... We are now back to 50 members after the move from TB to TOM we are also now Official Beta testers for TOM so meany cool things in the works fast becoming the best logger out there