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  1. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

    We now have 2 convoys a week one each for ATS and ETS2 but as all ways they are only if drivers want to take part as we do not force our drivers to do them..... but they are fun
  2. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

  3. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Veteran Fleet

    Good luck with the Company
  4. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    With or Without A VTC?

    I like being in a VTC but hated how some took them self too seriously hence made my own that is more relaxed and laid back... you just have to find one that suits you I think if I did not have a VTC I would play nowhere near as much as I do.
  5. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    would you still play ets2 if tmp never existed?

    Been playing since 18 WoS and will continue to play long after MP is gone
  6. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

    That was a fun chillaxing convoy.....no one dropped there trailer by accident in the middle of it nope never...
  7. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

    Welcome to the family
  8. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

    A Lazy Sunset.. just parked up after a cool convoy One of our weekly Convoys :)
  9. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    Virtual Trucker Rich Presence // ETS2 & ATS Rich Presence for Discord

    Cool though it kind of worked one time now wont do anything discord just shows normal info.... going to try reboot and reinstall (just doing Installing VT-RPC for Normal Users).. EDIT: Did a reinstall also downloaded ETCARS separate and install that it picked up a current load (though did not show speed) but now seems to be stuck on that job (that got canceled) have done another one that it did not pick up on at all and is still showing old job.. Going to uninstall for now like the idea maybe I'm doing something wrong but did follow the normal usage instructions to the letter
  10. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

    Might make a one click and your done...but that seems like too much work as well
  11. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

    Been a while since I updated but live has been a happening (that always comes first in Lazyt) but we now have a updated Website with new and more easy way to (no long application forms) join LazyT we now have 120+ members and still growing and updating hope to post more over coming days/weeks... OP Has been updated with all new links etc...
  12. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

    Thanks... Updates Coming soon
  13. Greetings trying to PM you about reinstating our VTL posts but you don't seem to have a Send Message button like others?

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    2. [LazyT] MetalDragon

      [LazyT] MetalDragon

      Think you misunderstand no one is banned or needs reporting you closed our ATS/ETS2 company threads with a msg to PM you to get them put back but as I said there seems to be no way to "PM" you, so do I need to talk/PM to someone els maybe LIGHTOFGOD? to get threads taken out of archive.



    3. White Wolf.

      White Wolf.

      Nah everything is fine just watched for that.

      You should report this "post" and write behind the report you want

      to have reopend it, that was what i was talking about^^.


      ~White Wolf~

    4. [LazyT] MetalDragon

      [LazyT] MetalDragon

      aha...thanks reports sent :)

  14. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    [15x ETS2/ATS DLC Giveaway] Members Giveaway

    Hope I'm not too late, good luck every one
  15. [LazyT] MetalDragon

    The Lazy Truckers

    Thanks trying to not look like every other VTC type of site out there that seem to use the same layout...that or I was just to Lazy to try