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  1. Happy birthday, I hope you have a beautiful life.🍰

  2. Been playing MP from first day it went Public back in 2014, oh those where the days, watching truck fly across the map for no reason, no lights or sound from other trucks...fun times
  3. Greetings trying to PM you about reinstating our VTL posts but you don't seem to have a Send Message button like others?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. [LazyT] MetalDragon

      [LazyT] MetalDragon

      Think you misunderstand no one is banned or needs reporting you closed our ATS/ETS2 company threads with a msg to PM you to get them put back but as I said there seems to be no way to "PM" you, so do I need to talk/PM to someone els maybe LIGHTOFGOD? to get threads taken out of archive.



    3. White Wolf.

      White Wolf.

      Nah everything is fine just watched for that.

      You should report this "post" and write behind the report you want

      to have reopend it, that was what i was talking about^^.


      ~White Wolf~

    4. [LazyT] MetalDragon

      [LazyT] MetalDragon

      aha...thanks reports sent :)

  4. What happened to company? Kicked out of discord, website not working... Weird...

  5. This new report system imo is one of the best updates made in a long time nice work guys
  6. Very cool though money seems to be a bit to high and could be a problem for some VTC's like in ATS can now earn over 1 mill for a job lol..
  7. One other easy way is to click on truck dealer and visit a truck dealer and then just leave and most times this will refresh the jobs, it don't work every time but for me it works 8/10 times
  8. Well one more VTC I join shuts down after a year :(, time to make my own that's just a relaxing environment for Lazy Truckers who just want to chill :)

    1. EnLight


      It is always sad when that happens... :(


      Best of luck on your new one! :) 

  9. Awesome I remember asking for something like this way back when ETS2mp first came out to Public....nice work guys \m/
  10. For some strange reason my Avast all of a sudden is reporting ETS2mp as Win32:Dropper-gen [DRP] also blocked DL Link... never had this problem before I presume it is a false positive but just strange as its the first time in almost a year of playing MP I got a warning.... Most prob from a Avast update though I can't remember it updating today lol Edit: Well with a PC reboot it let me download but on install again Avast reported it as a virus this problem seem to only start with 0.1.6 R3 never had any problems like this before then, again I believe its just my Avast being a ass but want to be 110% sure ya know XD Other then that awesome work on getting update put on day of DLC \m/
  11. Lets see you'r Christmas trucks, here's my first going to make one for each make of truck... Will have to make a Video soon as some of those lights are flashing
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