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  1. Weeb CZ

    Logitech Steering Wheel G29

    Hello, you have to shift the power of feedback
  2. Weeb CZ

    Special Transport DLC ?

    Hello, Special Transport DLC in MP is already working.
  3. Weeb CZ

    Italy DLC

    Hello, I have it from the beginning and it's great, nice country.
  4. Weeb CZ

    Courtesy on the Road - Rules for Everyday

    But enough of the player I'm just going to bruise.
  5. Weeb CZ

    Steering wheel

    Definitely a good choice.
  6. Weeb CZ

    Steering wheel

    Hello, G29 super I have it 1yr and super.
  7. Weeb CZ

    Populated areas other than Calais-Duisburg?

  8. Weeb CZ

    Where are you guys from?

    Česká republika - kolem Labe.
  9. Weeb CZ

    Game Crash Megathread

    Look at the post above you.
  10. Weeb CZ

    Game Crash Megathread

    If you have your semi-trailers, lock them.
  11. Weeb CZ

    Game Crash Megathread

    Hello, try to lock all your trailers
  12. Weeb CZ

    Game Problem