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  1. Drive For Life 2018 (Teenage Cancer Trust event)

    Thanks @Aestrial we would really appreciate any support you or any of the other admins can give
  2. Drive For Life 2018 (Teenage Cancer Trust event)

    I hope so!
  3. Drive For Life 2018 (Teenage Cancer Trust event)

    Following on from the success of last years event, the Drive For Life team are back, bigger than before and with a new event! Every year we choose a charity to raise money for and use the power and generosity of the community to help others in need. This year our chosen charity is the Teenage Cancer Trust. They offer specialist care units for teenagers who are suffering with cancer, as well as care nurses who travel to the patients home, if they are unable to attend a care ward. The basic idea for the event Whilst I will go into much more detail for each event section below, I want to give you a quick overview of the event. The event dates are 7th and 8th April, starting at 3pm GMT on the 7th and finishing at 4pm GMT on the 8th. The event will take place on a dedicated event server (Which I believe DJ JogR has already put in an application for, but Im just checking to make sure everything is correct). We will start off with a Truckfest at Dover port and the surrounding town. The truckfest will go on for one hour and then the 24 hour convoy section of the event will start. During the event, we will take various planned stops and encourage users to donate, thus raising money for the chosen charity via our JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dfl2018 The truckfest In the image above, you see the layout for the seaport section of the truckfest. This will be the official starting point of the convoy that I will talk about later. In addition to this area, we also will be using the yards in the town center, as shown below. The truckfest will last one hour, after which, the convoy control team will escort the drivers from the seaport and down the planned convoy route. Trailer drop will be on the ferry for VTCs in thsi area. The following VTCs have booked parking slots in this area: Parking slot 1= Kane Haulage Parking slot 2= Euro Heavy Haulage Parking slot 3= MNT Trucking Parking slot 4= Bangladesh Sentinel Truckers Parking slot 5= SJL Haulage Parking slot 6= Reliable Road Services Parking slot 7= WDYS-Trans Parking slot 8= RB Trucking Parking slot 9= The Simulator Radio VTC Parking slot 10= Panther Haulage Parking slot 11= Kings Global Transport Parking slot 12 = MJS Transport VTC In addition to the above seaport, we are using the yards in the town center. This is shown below: The above shows the layout for the town center parking slots and for public parking. Public parking will be in the LKW yard. The trailer drop for this area will be Euro Goodies. The following VTCs have booked parking slots in this area: LKW = Public parking Euro Goodies = Trailer drop off Hotel = (Large area at the top) Midland Heavy Haulage, (Medium sized area on right) Fly by Nite, (Smaller area on left) Still available to book at time of post. Bus station = Trucker United F7/service = AJS Haulage Recruitment agency = Fast and furious logistics Garage = CC International Logistics Truckfest rules VTCs are allowed to bring trailers into their parking slots, but only if all their trucks and trailers fit cleanly into their booked parking slot. If not, they will be asked to park their trailers in the designated trailer drops. Only people who have booked that parking slot can park in that slot. If a VTC does not show, we might reallocate parking slots. During this event, we expect a large volume of people to turn up. This will be even worse when we all try and leave. Therefore we plan to block certain roads and let people out one at a time. This has been done on many other events and tends to work well. We request that the events team have permission to block roads, but this request will be made in a separate post. The convoy The convoy will leave the seaport and follow pre-planned routes around the map, lasting a total of 24hrs. These routes will be supervised by Convoy Controllers, who just like above, we will request to allow them to block roads to ensure the convoy goes the right way. Routes will be posted on Facebook and at www.DriveForLife.online before the event. During the event, we will have multiple stops to have a break and to encourage users to donate via our JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dfl2018 Why are we doing this? I think the following video will answer that far better than I ever can:
  4. Anyone have any ideas why TruckersMP says a friend of mine has the wrong game version and needs to get the latest, despite him having it already.

  5. Incorrect game version

    So I posting this on behalf of a friend, but despite running ETS2 on the latest version, TruckersMP refuses to launch and gives him an error that he has an outdated version of the game. Any ideas? Hes uninstalled both TruckersMP and ETS2 and reinstalled and it wont work. His game comes up with the latest version number when he loads single player.
  6. Noticed there is an update for ETS2. Is this support on MP yet?

    1. Samiz [FIN]

      Samiz [FIN]

      I updated and works for me :)

  7. Version Released

    With the latest version, I am getting an error saying that the client version number doesn't match the one on the server (or something along those lines), despite updating to the latest version within the launcher. Any ideas?
  8. Is the Schwarzmuller DLC still not supported?

    1. [SL] Bonnm

      [SL] Bonnm

      No, the Schwarzmüller DLC is not Supported. 

    2. Mirko9
    3. Lucas Peterbilt

      Lucas Peterbilt

      Nope they do not know like they can solve the problem

  9. If we purchase and install the France DLC, will it stop multiplayer from working or will multiplayer just use the base game files and ignore the DLC???

    1. FirestarteR93


      I doubt if it will cause a problem - its DLC, not a mod (MP disables only mods, however there won't be any non-collision zones, so it may be one huge mess until MP support is made)

    2. FirestarteR93


      ^also you may get kicked for unsupported mods if you get a trailer from the DLC-only companies or even crash players, so IMO its better to wait a bit before buying it *points at the NCZ chaos in Paris' service*

  10. Noticed that some people have got Christmas paintjobs. Despite having the DLC myself, I cannot see their paintjobs.

  11. Version Released

    Getting an error saying the downloaded folder is empty! [EDIT] Scratch that! Tried it a few more times and it worked eventually.
  12. Not for me but for another driver, but anyone know how to reset the options you get on the TruckersMP launcher? You know... the one where it asks what version you want to launch directx or opengl

    1. Digital


      Sure! Delete the following file: DRIVE:\Documents\ETS2MP\launcher.dat ^_^

  13. Are we getting Winter mod at some point?

    1. Digital


      When there's snow in the forecast. :unsure:

    2. [LKW Tr.] Kap

      [LKW Tr.] Kap

      I believe it will be Early Autumn then the Late Autumn and then The winter mod which should be december time, as far as i remember from last year :)