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  1. Clara's Dream

    Can't wait for this. Will deffo be there!
  2. Anyone have any ideas why TruckersMP says a friend of mine has the wrong game version and needs to get the latest, despite him having it already.

  3. Incorrect game version

    So I posting this on behalf of a friend, but despite running ETS2 on the latest version, TruckersMP refuses to launch and gives him an error that he has an outdated version of the game. Any ideas? Hes uninstalled both TruckersMP and ETS2 and reinstalled and it wont work. His game comes up with the latest version number when he loads single player.
  4. Noticed there is an update for ETS2. Is this support on MP yet?

    1. Samiz [FIN]

      Samiz [FIN]

      I updated and works for me :)

  5. Version Released

    With the latest version, I am getting an error saying that the client version number doesn't match the one on the server (or something along those lines), despite updating to the latest version within the launcher. Any ideas?
  6. Is the Schwarzmuller DLC still not supported?

    1. Bonnm


      No, the Schwarzmüller DLC is not Supported. 

    2. Mirko9
    3. Lucas Peterbilt

      Lucas Peterbilt

      Nope they do not know like they can solve the problem

  7. If we purchase and install the France DLC, will it stop multiplayer from working or will multiplayer just use the base game files and ignore the DLC???

    1. FirestarteR93


      I doubt if it will cause a problem - its DLC, not a mod (MP disables only mods, however there won't be any non-collision zones, so it may be one huge mess until MP support is made)

    2. FirestarteR93


      ^also you may get kicked for unsupported mods if you get a trailer from the DLC-only companies or even crash players, so IMO its better to wait a bit before buying it *points at the NCZ chaos in Paris' service*

  8. Noticed that some people have got Christmas paintjobs. Despite having the DLC myself, I cannot see their paintjobs.

  9. Version Released

    Getting an error saying the downloaded folder is empty! [EDIT] Scratch that! Tried it a few more times and it worked eventually.
  10. Not for me but for another driver, but anyone know how to reset the options you get on the TruckersMP launcher? You know... the one where it asks what version you want to launch directx or opengl

    1. Digital


      Sure! Delete the following file: DRIVE:\Documents\ETS2MP\launcher.dat ^_^

  11. Are we getting Winter mod at some point?

    1. Digital


      When there's snow in the forecast. :unsure:

    2. [LKW Tr.] Kap

      [LKW Tr.] Kap

      I believe it will be Early Autumn then the Late Autumn and then The winter mod which should be december time, as far as i remember from last year :) 

  12. TSR Changes

    Seanster.... TSR has been losing touch with the community long before you even joined. Ask most people and they will agree that TSR now has a bad name for itself amongst the community. It has a bad reputation. Also, just because you might be in charge of the VTC, doesn't mean you have the final say in what stays or goes. I'd check with the powers above first. Don't think I majorly dislike TSR though. I still have a soft spot for the VTC and the radio station. I just wish more was done several months ago to try and keep the radio and VTC down the straight and narrow and not letting it run off course. The fact a load of DJs, drivers and people in the management team all left in a very short space of time, clearly showed that something wasn't being done right.