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    Game update

    Unfortunately the new update for ATS is not yet compatible with the multiplayer. If you want to play online you have to select the update "Temporary_1_6". To do this, please do the following; 1) Go to your Steam library 2) Right click on your game American Truck Simulator and click on properties 3) press on "Betas" 4) And select "Temporary_1_6" Press ok and let Steam download the downgraded version. mayby it will help you
  2. Kehox

    Reporting rammers

    Hi there, to help you with your problem ill give you some link and information... 1) about ramming itself : Driving Offences (like Ramming): -Videos are best for driving offences because it shows the user doing the offence. -As stated above for chats the 3 programs mentioned will do in game capture. -To save bandwidth and time you can use programs to edit your videos time. Easiest to obtain for such a reason would be Windows Movie Maker. Might not be the best program but it works and is basically going to work on any windows system from xp on. For issues like blocking abandoning their trailer etc pictures will work. Just make sure you have the users name being displayed in game. here is a little video if you needed : and for the last thing to remember is to use the search buttom on top right side under your name befor posting will help you to find some answer : https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/search/ i wish that could help you
  3. good good , bonne journee a vous les amis..
  4. fait plaisir, je serai ravi de t'aider si ta encore besoin
  5. ouvrir le config.cfg dans : Documents-Euro Truck Simulator 2-profiles-*( nom au hasard ).. -modifiez : uset g_force_economy_reset "0" pour mettre uset g_force_economy_reset "1" -Enregistrez et chargez ETS2 ( singleplayer ou en MP ) Le jeu vous indiquera qu'il y a des changements et que vous avez été téléporté dans le garage. - À ce stade, ouvre ta partie attend quelque seconde.. enregistrez le jeu et fermez-le. -Ouvrez à nouveau votre config.cfg et modifiez uset g_force_economy_reset "1" dans uset g_force_economy_reset "0" -Enregistrez et démarrez ETS2. Votre économie devrait maintenant être réinitialisée. et juste te dire que le '' Fret Job '' ( Quick Job ) , son pas toujours disponible dans toutes les villes.. j'espere que sa va tavoir aider ..
  6. - Open TruckersMP launcher, After choice between ATS/ETS. Wait until the Login Page open up, Go inTop LEFT Corner and click on '' Settings '' -- - General : Player tag : ......... and choice the color after ... Apply buttom after - Grahpics : - Enable Avatars ... Apply Buttom after you log in.. - Click on EDIT : ( watch the image ) - Enable Avatar From WOTR i wish that could help you..
  7. not even 10 min in-game, trying to leave calais with my load.. =.= https://www.twitch.tv/videos/147128799

    ( i drop the quality for make sure the replay run smoothly.. ) 

  8. im a bite late but Happy birthday :D 

    1. Smalley


      Thank you very much! :) 

  9. Set weather ( do in singleplayer and save, after load your MP save and it should be done. ) Did it just start to rain at the wrong time or are you tired of the sun? You can change the weather from sunlight to thunderstorm or from rain to sunlight in an instant. Code: g_set_weather X f/i Where X is a number representing the "weather index", 0 or 1 (larger numbers work as well, uneven numbers are rain and even numbers are sunny) The last f/i is how fast you want that weather to be applied. If you supply an "f" (forced) that means the weather will switch right away. If however you supply an "i" (intermediate) then the weather will gradually change to what you selected. (approximately 20 minutes game time) Currently (version 1.11.1) there's only two weather types but that may change in the future. http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=61852 --- Yeah, due to the timeflow in MP, the rain is really really long, so IMO its better just to disable it: 1)Set the rain probability to 0 (aka Settings>Gameplay>Rain probability > put the slider to the left) 2)For that to take effect, you'l need to go in SP and sleep/travel to a garage i dont know if you were knowing already this or looking for this solution ???? i wish that could help you
  10. For your question , there already few topic about that.. read TMP Staff answer.. i wish it could help you..
  11. while drunk, you see a wild TheDrunkenNarwhal appear in Players Nearby list :P ..

    1. ThatThrashBoy


      Haha. Shame we didn't get to talk for longer. Add me on steam if you want maybe we can drive together.

    2. Kehox


      wanna see something funny ?

      https://www.twitch.tv/videos/146736300  01:06:00 /// 01:07:00 ... XD

    3. ThatThrashBoy


      It was also pretty cool seeing me drive past at 00:21:00

  12. working with my grand father and leaving at 5:00 am EST Time.. for 1 week
  13. the 28th im leaving early morning sadly :'( i cant be there ... wish you good ride all and #PrayForManchester for me ..
  14. are you talking about this ? https://truckersmp.com/auth/password/reset or mayby this ? old post a bite but still helpful.. if your problem is still not fix let me know..
  15. i have buy a Ticket for the Lotto-Max ( lottery ticket from canada*) and run the chance for  37 Million$ :D i just need to get the numbers and win.. and alot of luck to win :) .. waiting to 11 pm ( EST Time )  to see if i win..  PRAY WITH ME :D 


    P.S the chance to win is likely impossible, but for the fun i took one and try.

    1. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Good luck! Send me some money if you win B)

    2. Kehox


      the odd isnt in my favor..


      Based on the last week, chance of winning is +/- : 1 / 28 633 528 



  16. j'espere pouvoir t'aider avec quelque lien a lire si sa peut régler ton problème .. 1) État du compte: Non activé .... le tien actuellement... 2 ) Tu dois avoir au moins joué 2 heures pour pouvoir valider ton compte, as-tu rempli cette condition ? 3) Après.. 4) peut-être cette solution aussi peut aider ?, reset ton password ??? https://truckersmp.com/auth/password/reset 5) si ton problème persiste .. peut-être faire un ticket sur ton problème.... il y a des supports francais au besoin.. https://support.truckersmp.com/ ** petit video qui peut aussi t'aider a mieux comprendre l'activation et l'installastion ( un peu vieu mes encore bon ) ... Bonne Chance et laisse savoir si ta réussi
  17. if everyone spamm your profil ... i should do same XD!!


    congratulation! http://rs211.pbsrc.com/albums/bb81/giraffegirlLOL/tumblr_lgbilzDkVB1qf8yek.gif~c200


    1. Kehox


      slow_clap_vanderbeek.gifif only it work at the first time =.= cant edit..

    2. FirestarteR93
  18. i wish with those link i could help you just a little bite , if not i'm sorry .. take time to read them and read TMP staff answer...

    Wait for , wait for it ..... WAITT FOR ITTTTT !!!!! 1:40 // 1:55( best moment )  = =  Europe 2 ... everywhere.... at all red light i think to this moment... !!!! XDDDD


    ** Spoiler Little hard language !!! Not take this too seriously... 

    1. _Pingu_


      ??? right clicking on the takes longer than typing all off that ???

    2. Kehox


      to late now it posted .. i have no logic sense and i already know XD hihi :)

    3. antrax737


      someone wasnt paying attention to road sings...

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  20. ahhh the hotfix Thnx Alot Dev and Staff :D

  21. Thnx you Dev and TMP staff ... Party on .. and let see who the first to die in C-D road XD
  22. dont try to go over 60 mph with 60T trailer the same one in your picture... and it hard to control and keep in the lane ... on MP with those driver around you it scary..
  23. ** ma question est si la limite de vitesse est 37 MPH ( exemple ) ... je roule a 40 MPh ( cruise controle ) , mes me fait dépasser par un joueur qui doit facilement rouler le double ... est-ce que ses conciderer comme du racing ? ou ses juste du haute-vitesse dangeureux ?
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