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  1. Zu Bild 1 & 2 Dieses Overlay stammt von Trucky App Download hier zu finden The ultimate Virtual Trucker Companion. Knowledge Base
  2. Same Problem You have been kicked from the server. Reason: Invalid accessory set detected. Sorry, you cannot use this! (NetTruck)) AI Weekly Public AI Public not working
  3. There is a Way. Only Thing you need is a Sound Plugin that Works in MP and it doesnt brake the Rules. https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=211&t=165855&start=190
  4. I got an answer to the feedback ticket with the tip in the config in the ETS2 folder to set the line g_traffic to 0. This line was on 3 for me even though I had set everything to 0 beforehand. Why this line was changed back to 3 remains a mystery. For now the problem would be eliminated the only question now is how long the setting remains. This would end the topic for the time being and the article can be closed. Thanks also for the numerous answers that might be useful to other users for the same problem.
  5. I know my Settings in Config and i checked it again its all set to 0. As i said allready before its not the first Time i saw something like this. Btw i sended to be sure a Feedback Ticket and waiting for Answer
  6. i have allready written i have no active Random events all turned off to 0. So this is no Random Event i saw many of this Bugs the Last Days. And i think im not the only one who saw something like this
  7. Today i was Driving on Highway between Nuremberg Munich and i found a Bug. It was not a Trailer from a Player or something but there is a Trailer in the Middle of the Road as you can see. https://i.imgur.com/WfL4EuX.png https://i.imgur.com/iytaAEG.png I Dont know if this a known Bug or not. im not sure he is no Collision Object or not but to be sure i was driving around. Before i forgot it was not a Random Event these are deactivated in Gameplay for me.
  8. OMG So long Time waiting becomes an End. Nice Job Guys
  9. Here is the English translation of the original contribution by Opa Knicknack Halloils, I once had a creative moment. The following is satire and my humour, doesn't have to please everyone but I think one or the other will recognize something again. So have fun reading and don't take it too seriously. If you want, you are welcome to translate these texts and post them in the other forums, but I would like to ask that the person links the original. On occasion I will add more, depending on what comes to mind! You play too much TruckersMP when in real life.......
  10. It's always nice what SCS has been offering us in content lately. But this FMOD SoundMod is not my case if I should be quite honest. To me, that sounds terrible. All good and nice to have new sounds but especially with the trucks this sounds horrible. I can't make friends with this SoundMod at the moment because I have to say honestly I've heard better. Many people will have a different opinion, but I'm honest about that and I don't like it at all. Just write your opinion as you find it would interest me and many others.
  11. Indem Du deine eigene Spedi gründest z.b. hier https://www.sped-v.de/ und deine Freunde dort als Fahrer einstellst wenn sie sich bewerben. Oder hier eine Spedi gründen https://trucksbook.eu/ deine Freunde dann als Fahrer einstellen wenn sie sich beworben haben Oder hier eine Spedi gründen https://vtlog.net/ deine Freunde dann als Fahrer einstellen wenn sie sich beworben haben Oder als letzteres einer Spedi beitreten in der deine Freunde sind und zusammen dann im MP Touren fahren. Kleiner Hinweis am Rande. bevor Du deine eigene Spedi gründest lies dir am besten erst alles d
  12. Euro Truck Simulator 2 - FH Tuning Pack Released!!  Euro Truck Simulator 2 - FH Tuning Pack

  13. Its Now released!!! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1299530/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__FH_Tuning_Pack/
  14. i Play since 23 Jul 2016 on TMP and Hours Played on Steam 15.518 ETS2
  15. My Favorites since New Updated Saveedit Rules
  16. Yes, that should work too, unfortunately I never bought with Paysafecard on Steam. Therefore I can not speak from experience whether and how it works. Maybe someone else has more experience and can tell you more about it. Let us know if we can help you with your question and help you get started with card expansions, mods in MP, etc.
  17. If you buy card extensions or other additional content for ETS2 via Steam, after successful payment with either PayPal or credit card, bank transfer, the additional content for your game is added to the library and automatically installed and activated when the game starts. If you buy from MMOGA, for example, you will receive a Steamkey by email within a few minutes after receipt of payment, which you must activate via Steam.
  18. First of all. Mods are not supported in multiplayer except for a few such as 750 HP for all trucks and Spring / WinterMod, and various trailer mods such as TripleTrailer. If you are looking for card expansion DLC you have to buy them via Steam or other sites where they are available for purchase. Such as MMOGA. The only mod that has also been supported for some time is the ProMod but you will also need all of the card extensions that have been published here: List of all Supported DLCs for MP Only Special Transport not Supported If you want to Use the Spring Mod here ho
  19. That means you can now create trailer combinations via Saveedit if you don't harm anyone. Does the freight that you tinker with the trailer play a role if it also fits the trailer? For example: Courtainsider plus heavy-duty trailer with the heavy-duty crane / locomotive allowed or in violation of the rules.
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