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  1. okay but what happens when admins cause a "major inconvenience"? Nothing because they all feel like they're above the rules.
  2. accidents happen unintentionally and they need to realize that and not ban for the smallest reason.
  3. yeah admins are gonna be quick to ban players with the physics. its a given because this is tmp
  4. i'd love to see admins ban everyone for "ramming". Roads are slippery and not our fault. Give us some chains to put on our tires or admins do your job and SALT the road xDDDD
  5. guess we arent having a white Christmas in Truckersmp :<

  6. patiently waiting for the snow mod like a kid waiting to see Santa on Halloween  XDDDDDD:troll:

  7. when is the winter mod coming out for ets?!?!

    1. JJay


      We don't know when winter mod will coming out for ETS2. You need to be patient.

  8. can someone make a daf xf euro 6 with a renult interior and a volvo 750hp engine for me please or if there is one @me thank you
  9. *Truckersmp- now supports 1.33*

    *ETS2- Beyond the Baltic Sea Comes out in 11 hours*

    *TruckersMP- damn we should of just waited for the map to release*

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Can't wait for new map :D Coming soon :) 

  10. oh how i love truckersmps staff "locks" a profile update about a ban. like who the heckers cares. ITS A STATUS / PROFILE UPDATE LOL TF

    1. Dziada


      Hello there,


      The forum is not the place for complaining about TMP staff. If you would like to give feedback about our staff members you can do so through our feedback system here:




      If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.


      All the best


      TruckersMP Community Moderator


      //Locked status update

  11. oh how i can relate to that ban :< i hope it all goes well for you

    1. Pink Copper

      Pink Copper

      Thank you <3 

    2. Brandon8506


      <3 I hope this makes you feel better xD I got perma banned for having 2 lights on my bottom bar. Its pretty stupid since it doesn't interfere with collision. Ive had those 2 lights on my trucks for almost 2 years, been in events and all around admins and never got told to take them off till i got myself a perma xD




    3. Dziada


      Hello there,


      The forum is not the right place to talk about your ban. If you feel that your ban was unfair you can appeal it at https://www.truckersmp.com/appeals


      If you feel that the appeal was handled badly then you can submit a feedback ticket at https://www.truckersmp.com/feedback


      If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.


      All the best,


      TruckersMP Community Moderator


      //Locked status update

  12. Is this LED Indicator / blinker allowed on the truck and trailer? it does not block / poke out or interfere with collision. https://prnt.sc/l5i0h7

    1. Nataliia


      Hai @Brandon8506, could you send me another screenshot? This one is not clear enough.

    2. Brandon8506


      i will once the mod updates :)


    3. Nataliia


      Alright @Brandon8506, feel free to notify me here when you get the screenshot. :mlg_doge:

  13. Hey man, where do u get that third front mirror for ur scania? i need it since its allowed in MP


    1. Brandon8506


      this mirror -> HxGVRek.jpg

    2. Azusakawa*


      you can search head up display

      good luck

  14. gotta love admins not checking appeals because they have school :D:D

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Game Moderators are not robots, they're humans like other players, so they've their own life 

    2. Brandon8506


      woah i didnt know that... I was sharing whats on my mind.. didnt need a reply but thanks

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