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  1. I used to get 120-140 fps in mp before ets update 1.37 and now I get drops from 20-80 fps, does anyone have any suggestions? i play with med / high settings and 100% scaling
  2. Is there a way to make this a plugin / client sided for tmp? This is honestly the best sounding open exhaust mod and I would really love to bring it into TMP to enhance my experience
  3. does anybody know where I can find a plugin for this open pipe mod? I would like for it to be client sided on tmp but dont know how to make it work
  4. I installed this correctly today but it doesnt seem to show in game? Maybe because the game updated to 1.39 and the mod didnt? In my mods folder it shows the red symbol that it is incompatible in 1.38 for tmp
  5. This work!! thank you so much! any idea where you found this? i want to bookmark it and see if they end up updating it for 1.39
  6. if anybody knows can they direct me towards them? Discord is Brandon8506#2180 or pm me on forums, Thanks!!
  7. Is there a save edit already for the open pipe mod for trucks? if not how do i edit it for myself
  8. Im pretty bad with save editing but i will try my best to work around it. I was in the save editing discord but i had to make a new discord so i dont have access to it. if you can add me back that would be great (discord - Brandon8506#2180) If you could leave this open for a day or two that would be great, kind of want some feedback from people, other than that you can close it.
  9. I recently found out about single player open pipe mods for trucks and they sound phenomenal! I was wondering if there is a mod or guide that I can use for multiplayer use to make my experience a tad bit better. Any help would be appreciated. Here is something to what im looking for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODnsSwjZy1I
  10. I personally love seeing the new cities but what annoys me the most is that the roads are too flat, they need some realistic potholes and what not
  11. Suggestion Name: Commendations for players Suggestion Description: Add a feature where other players can commend each other in game based on interactions among others. Any example images: This is from CSGO but it could be beneficial to TMP https://prnt.sc/sr9hqe Why should it be added?:I know this can be abused by trolls but i think this could be a good idea to help admins look at drivers records to get more information on them.
  12. Suggestion Name: Connection suggestion Suggestion Description: I recently been noticing that when i join Truckersmp after my last time playing, i leave off in a pretty populated area and when I connect i get kicked for unreliable connection but in reality its fine. The suggestion is to put us back into queue or in an offline server where it automatically connects us back into the server (if we have to wait in queue so be it) and if you cant connect after 4 tries then relaunch the mod. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I feel like this would be a lot beneficial
  13. i usually flash people with my lights but honk at times, so both
  14. okay but what happens when admins cause a "major inconvenience"? Nothing because they all feel like they're above the rules.
  15. accidents happen unintentionally and they need to realize that and not ban for the smallest reason.
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