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  1. okay but what happens when admins cause a "major inconvenience"? Nothing because they all feel like they're above the rules.
  2. accidents happen unintentionally and they need to realize that and not ban for the smallest reason.
  3. yeah admins are gonna be quick to ban players with the physics. its a given because this is tmp
  4. i'd love to see admins ban everyone for "ramming". Roads are slippery and not our fault. Give us some chains to put on our tires or admins do your job and SALT the road xDDDD
  5. guess we arent having a white Christmas in Truckersmp :<

  6. patiently waiting for the snow mod like a kid waiting to see Santa on Halloween  XDDDDDD:troll:

  7. when is the winter mod coming out for ets?!?!

    1. JJay


      We don't know when winter mod will coming out for ETS2. You need to be patient.

  8. can someone make a daf xf euro 6 with a renult interior and a volvo 750hp engine for me please or if there is one @me thank you
  9. *Truckersmp- now supports 1.33*

    *ETS2- Beyond the Baltic Sea Comes out in 11 hours*

    *TruckersMP- damn we should of just waited for the map to release*

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Can't wait for new map :D Coming soon :) 

  10. yeah i guess so since theres no way to work things out. thank you everyone who answered
  11. Very true. I miss how populated ATSMP used to be but hopefully it will get back there one day
  12. ohhh im so excited!!!! hopefully this brings more players to ATSMP :DDDD
  13. Hello! So i recently tried out "Nvidia G-force Now" from my friends account and i played ETS2 with high graphics and i had no lag what so ever and im on a potato laptop. Is there a way to get truckersmp on it or install it with ets2 so i can play on truckersmp without any lag? (sorry idk much about this type of stuff) Also i cant download regular Nvidia Gforce because i dont have the proper GPU or graphics card.
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