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  1. @[GB]pete_agreatguy Ikr, that'd be my second PC
  2. I have these specs on my main PC: MSI R9 290, Intel i5 4690K, 8GB RAM (12GB upgrade coming Soon™), And these are my peripherals for my main PC: Crap unnamed 360° $100 steering wheel, A4Tech Bloody V8, crap unnamed keyboard with Czech layout and washed out labels, overpriced USB microphone w/ stand, crap unnamed $20 speakers, and some other things that I forgot to mention. This is what I get on my Graphics Decelerator laptop: Intel GMA X3100 mlg graphics card designed for playing Doom, Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T5870, broken battery that will be replaced Soon™, and 4 GB of memory. I should get another PC with Pentium soon, I hope it'd run TMP...
  3. Huge traffic jam at the Calais - Duisburg aka Transtrollland Highway exit near Duisburg!

  4. I'm back into TruckersMP / ETS2 now to (probably) get another ban and to observe how things have changed on Calais Duisburg...

    1. Mirko9
    2. MISLcz
    3. MISLcz


      I sent an e-mail to feedback (again), I want the Warning to be away - I got it for Promoting piracy (on a game, that can't be legally bought). I hope it'll be accepted...

  5. Got a ban again... Need to grab some TDU again lol

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. MISLcz


      The @BANBYMISTAKE will be removed soon (probably, if the system of deleting @BANBYMISTAKEs didn't broke), so I don't think it matters much, I'm back in TDU now, too.

    3. konfig0


      @BANBYMISTAKE is removed.

    4. MISLcz


      OK, thank you.

  6. I'm too embarrassed to take picures of my $80 wheel when I see pictures of yours...
  7. EU #2 got rekt too, can't connect, some protocol crap is going on

    1. MISLcz
    2. MISLcz


      client got updated

    3. LordBenji


      There was some issues with ATS, hope it's all resolved.

  8. EU #1 got rekt, what can simulation players (not me with my 125t cargoes and 4x2 chasses) do now?

  9. Congrats on your promotion, we need more active admins on C - D :)

    1. Forraz


      Thank you :P 

    2. [GER]Loading...


      He have too a life :o and I don't think that he will stay behind you to safe you :o 

  10. It was probably made broken by recent updates, try to wait for a fix. I had a similar problem, too.
  11. I'm not rip anymore Kravaty - it was a @BANBYMISTAKE

    2. MISLcz


      Admin typed wrong ID - in my part of the jam I was the only one that didn't overtake and wrong way, but I got a ban by mistake - it's very hard to ban 10 ppl at once without mistaking someone...

  12. Install .net framework 4.0 from https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/Download/confirmation.aspx?id=17718 It won't work on Windows XP though - if you have a reskinned version of Windows XP, don't try it - won't work
  13. HUGE traffic jam around the Brussel intersection on the Trans-Trollland highway (again)

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    3. MISLcz
    4. Jacrispyxd


      if you were talking to me then yeah i do play on keyboard.

  14. LOL. Is it running on "Windows Hasta la Vista (Baby® edition)."? How are the hardware specs? I found that it has these (on the Czech uncyclopedia) - I think these are the perfect specs for a Barbie PC xD Category Product Motherboard MSI N760 HAWK Processor Intel Core i7 0,5 : 24 666 Edition (6,9 MHz — half-core) RAM 8MB Evolveo DDR 4MHz Graphics Card Ayyyyy This intelligent (ATi) GeForce 666 Illuminati OC Edition; 0,5 Mhz; RAM 1,5 MB 2 Mhz Hard Drive Seagate NDisk 580, 850 KB, IDE Price $666 w/o tax
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