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  1. It seems the Hong Kong server is working now. Thanks for the reply. Waiting was obviously the only option but it was worth it, as always.
  2. Hi all! A few minutes ago, my friend and I recently updated ETS2MP within the launcher and when we go into the cabin driving screen, we receive the "connecting to server..." message as usual in the bottom left but shortly after we disconnect with a message stating we need to re-download the launcher. So, we uninstalled the launcher and download the supposedly new version. We go back in and we just receive the same error message again. I had noticed before making this forum thread that there was another user questioning the same issue. Unfortunately, he marked the first reply as a solution and the thread got locked. Unfortunately saying the certain Europe servers work doesn't really count for a solution for us as we play on the Hong Kong server because we're Australian and that is the closest one to us without being ping kicked. We think maybe the server's end hasn't been updated yet to support the new version but then again, this does not make sense as why would a client update be released before the servers do? Any suggestions would be appreciated, as long as you don't suggest to download the launcher again as that has proven not to work. Thanks!
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