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  1. [SUPPORT] @Elih. joins the Game Moderation Team as a Trainee, whilst remaining in the Support Team. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @Akoa has been promoted to Report Moderator.
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  2. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Naklov. has been promoted to Game Moderator.
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  3. Howdy! We are excited to announce that a new version has been released! Features Supported Sweet Valentine Event Fixes Fixed a job dispatcher crash when trying to copy a job without a remote trailer after copying a job with a trailer Changes Changed the backend for handling crash reports Crashes are now handled remotely instead of creating local crash logs Crashes caused by corrupted Steam files are automatically detected and an immediate fix is suggested by the client To help us fix complicated issues, an option to attach a mini dump file has been added. You usually do not have to attach it Anonymous data is being sent on every session to provide statistics about our releases. This complies with our privacy policy. Nevertheless, in the client settings, you can find an option to opt out Improved client logs by providing more software and hardware information
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  8. VB Convoy with @cmlr_axel
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  10. Thanks for a nice tour @[KızılTürk] -HEINEKEN-
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  12. Rapor sistemini kullanan bir çok kullanıcı olduğu için ve rapor sistemi şu an da yoğun olduğu için raporlarınıza geç bakılabilir. Bu süre zarfında sabırlı olmanız gerekmektedir. Ne kadar süreceği bilinmez fakat elbet raporlarınız ile ilgilenilecektir.
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  13. Friends on the road, thank you for the beautiful evening | TruckersMP | Anchor of North | ProMods | @.Jonas07.
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  14. Spark Logistics Official January Convoy Together with @Nashyy Look, it's @TIRO_k but not in a Magnum?!? Together with @saladqueen13 Next we have the DAF-squad Queen @Sjovnand @Doxxyz. And we finish with the rest of the Aurora group including @Cevilwho also drove a new DAF.
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  15. [PLAYER] @GeorgeFromTFMjoins the Event Team.
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  16. [GAME MODERATOR] @BudokanTB has been promoted to Game Moderator Leader.
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  17. Hauling some jobs in ATS
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  23. [SUPPORT MANAGER] @NeonLeon leaves the team due to lack of time and motivation. [EVENT MANAGER] @MsMist leaves the team due to lack of interest and motivation.
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  27. Hello @ReignsUK, We're happy to announce that your post has been approved! Good luck! Note that if your topic is inactive for more than 1 month, unfortunately, we'll have to move it to the archive. //Topic has been approved
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  28. Hey! Yes SCS said they plan or releasing the new engine this year, in which they would improve performance and graphics massively Hello! As said above, it should be coming this year with masses of improvements
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  29. Hello @BBURAK, Personally, I think this is a perfectly normal and good thing. Because some users are really sending blank reports. This situation is tiring the TruckersMP team. They are already in a very busy work environment. They have a lot of work to do, such as handling reports, handling in-game reports, responding to ban appeals. Also, it would be ridiculous to have an unnecessary report on it. I find this very healthy. I just conveyed my own thoughts and comments. Of course, this may differ for everyone. Regards, 'Nhympex
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  30. Hello to everyone TruckersMP family...
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  35. Congrats georgefromnub
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  40. [PLAYER] @Doñ Cheeki joins the Event Team. [PLAYER] @_The Witcher_ joins the Event Team.
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  42. @Suleyman.53 , @[KızılTürk] Dreamliner and @[KızılTürk] Caroline Thanks for the tour
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  43. [SENIOR TRANSLATION MANAGER] @InvisibleRaptor leaves the team due to lack of time and motivation.
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  44. Congratulations on your promotion. I know you will do great.
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